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Masiyiwa Now World’s Most Influential, Beats Mark Zuckerberg..

History may have just been broken, as Zimbabwean born business mogul Strive Masiyiwa is now ranked the world’s most influential businessman on Facebook.

Masiyiwa’s facebook account with almost 5 million followers at 4,919,444  is now ranked the first in the world, followed by Mark Zuckerberg according to

The ranking does not only include followers alone but the influence, interaction and quality of posts rated with growth and reach the account acquires.

 CrowdTangle is a 4-year-old tool, which was recently bought in by Facebook, and which publishers use to track how content spreads around the web, for an undisclosed sum.

By showing its subscribers a kind of real-time pulse of the web, CrowdTangle has developed an outsized but mostly hidden influence on the stories you see popping up in your news feeds throughout the day

Facebook says it will continue to invest in and operate the service so that more publishers could take advantage of it. CrowdTangle’s small, distributed team, which had raised about $2.2 million from investors including Betaworks, will continue to lead development of the product.

“Publishers around the world turn to CrowdTangle to surface stories that matter, measure their social performance and identify influencers,” Facebook said in a statement

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NetOne Board Member Accused Of Fake Doctrate

One of the remaining four NetOne board members has been accused of masquerading as a doctor, after fraudulently acquiring a doctorate from a bogus educational institution TechnoMag can reveal.

The NetOne director (name supplied) and founder of one of the most successful financial institutions in the country is said to have been a beneficiary of one Common Wealth university, which is well known for dishing out fake degrees to anyone desperate.

The London Graduate School aka Commonwealth University has been in the Zimbabwean media last year for offering many Zimbabweans an opportunity to have a fake doctorate in 2 days, leading to many publicly exposing the institution.

Amongst the top Zimbabweans who came out disapproving the lucrative blind offer were Jacob Mutisi an ICT engineer, Nigel Mugami of 263chat and yes the president of Zimbabwe’s opposition party advocate Nelson Chamisa.

Nelson Chamisa was quoted to have been asked to pay USD $3500 in exchange of the doctorate from the same institution.

The London Graduate School and Commonwealth University, operating from a London, United Kingdom, address cordially invited this writer to “participate in a life changing seminar at Dubai” at which an honorary doctorate from Commonwealth University would also be conferred.

The honorary doctorate would be conferred on the last day of a three-day “loaded value-adding workshop” at the swanky Arabian Courtyard Hotel and Spa in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE)

“However, this did not stop Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA) CEO Karikoga Kaseke from accepting the “honour”, he is now called Dr Kaseke.

Kaseke’s “achievements” were splashed in the mainstream media and congratulatory advertisements were flighted in major newspapers” qouted the standard newspaper.

The same may have happened to this NetOne director, as he proudly posts on his Linkdin account an honorary degree projected as an academic achievement.

When TechnoMag reached out to the NetOne director , he confirmed that he indeed is a recipient of the degree, but rubbished speculation that he may have paid his way up to the world of doctorates.

“Im indeed a bonified beneficiary I studied a Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) from the Commonwealth University, this is a qualification i indeed earned, ” responded the NetOne director.

Asked whether he has any masters or theses he had done before the doctorate, the NetOne director responded that he studied his masters in South Africa where he achieved an MBA with Natal university in the year 2000.

We have however asked the director to substantiate the claims with any proof that he indeed is a bonified and honarable doctor, a move he is yet to prove .

We will certainly come back with an update , this time with full names and details if he exonerates self from the allegations or fails to do so sufficiently.

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All Set For Online Interactive Panel journalists’ safety during COVID-19

All is set for the Online, interactive panel on journalists’ safety during COVID-19, an event organized by UNESCO and the International Civil Society Organization on the Safety of Journalists Coalition.

On the occasion of World Press Freedom Day, UNESCO and the International Civil Society Organization on the Safety of Journalists Coalition are organizing an interactive panel hosted online.

The panel will shed light on and proposes coordinated solutions to the threats and safety issues faced by journalists and media workers amid COVID-19.

The Safety of journalists amid COVID-19: A multifaceted challenge will be looking into many areas affecting journalists and Zimbabwe will join the world in these conversations, which will seek to help and professionalize the sector.

Moderated by Preethi Nallu (Advocacy Specialist, International Media Support) and with the participation of Nadine Hoffman (Deputy Director, International Womens’ Media Foundation), Tabani Moyo (Director, Media Institute for Southern Africa – Zimbabwe), Courtney Radsch (Advocacy Director, Committee to Protect Journalists) and Ana Cristina Ruelas (Regional Director, ARTICLE 19 Mexico and Central America), the panel covers the multifaceted challenges to journalists’ safety.

The panelists will begin by providing a global overview of the threats to safety and attacks on journalists related the pandemic and the measures taken to contain the virus, and they will give special attention to the gender and diversity issues related to safety concerns.

Finally, the panel goes in-depth with particular countries and explores how emergency legislation, verbal attacks and police harassments have intensified and compromised journalists’ safety.

To register for the event, please send an email to [email protected] (link sends e-mail). Registration closes on 4 May.
UNESCO applies a zero tolerance policy against all forms of harassment.

When :
from Wednesday 6 May, 2020
to Wednesday 6 May, 2020
Type of event :
Category 7-Seminar and Workshop
Where :
Online: Microsoft Teams, Online, France
Contact :
Theresa Chorbacher ([email protected])

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Makandiwa, Pastor Chris Warns Against Medical Chip To Fight Corona Virus

Two very popular African religious preachers have gone on an over drive warning Christians across the world that the so called treatment against covid_19 using micro electronic chips is nothing but a covet operation by the under world, as they seek to take over control of human beings

The two preachers have insisted that they are super powers who are now getting ready to take over human beings by inserting micro chips in their bodies, hiding behind the cure of covid_19.

Both Prophet Makandiwa and Pastor Chris have concurred that the technological chip will have so much power than just the vaccine, piggy backing on the pandemic yet they introduce their covert operation.

Makandiwa said that the enabled chip once inserted will turn humans in to IoT, ( internet Of Things) stating they have finished the project with most electronical gadgets , now they are busy installing 5G base-stations for faster speeds as they prepare to take control over human beings.

Makandiwa insisted that once these chips are inserted into humans as vaccines, they will override the only power that was given to humans, which is the “will power to choose” ,

“Humans will be told what to choose or like, man will be forced to sexually appreciate other man, the chips will even choose political leaders for humans, the human race will have ceded control”, warned Makandiwa

Pastor Chris Of love word Chirch also stated the same :

This is not the Pandemic. Question where did the other ones go? No one is asking. I have asked the question, ‘Where do viruses come from?’ They are not found in nature, it means they’re created.

I’m trying to let you know the reason you’re in your house. I call it a global seige.”

“What they don’t tell you is that your body can be connected. Did you know that once that happens you can also be controlled as your devices are controlled.

Meaning that signals can be sent to your brain, your brain can be controlled. Once that happens you are no longer yourself. The idea is controlling the new race.”

Bill Gates said: “Even though we’ll end up picking at most two of them, we’re going to fund factories for all seven just so we don’t waste time in serially saying ‘ok which vaccine works’ and then building the factory.”

On April 4, South African President Cyril Ramaphosa tweeted: The Gates Foundation has supported our health needs for many years. They have offered assistance with innovative mass-based testing kits and research.”

Neither the Trevor Noah interview nor Ramaphosa’s tweet mentioned any coronavirus tests focused on Africa. However, social media took both as confirmation that Gates intended to specifically target Africa for vaccine tests.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has said Africa will not be targeted as the stage for vaccine trials. Trials, instead, are being staged in participating countries from around the world.

“Africa can’t and won’t be a testing ground for any vaccine,” said WHO Director General Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus on April 6.

Gates called for a “national tracking system similar to South Korea”, saying “in Seattle, the [University of Washington] is providing thousands of tests per day but no one is connected to a national tracking system”.

Biohackinfo, a conspiracy theory website, then reported on March 19 that “Bill Gates will use microchip implants to fight coronavirus”.

Asked about the microchip claim, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation told Reuters: “The reference to ‘digital certificates’ relates to efforts to create an open source digital platform with the goal of expanding access to safe, home-based testing.” No implants are involved.

“The quantum dot dye technology is not a microchip…”

The microchip conspiracies claim that governments will use the “quantum dot dye” technology to plant the chips.

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Africom Activates Connectivity to 109 Ministry of Health sites

Africom in collaboration with Satelite Service Provider Hellas Sat has with immediate effect activated more than 109 Ministry of Health sites to boost communication in the wake of the pandemic coronavirus aka COVID-19.

The connectivity revival will benefit all the 10 provinces’ health facilities as the nation fight the spread of COVID-19.

The company confirmed via a press statement: “Africom and their partner Hellas Sat who is the Satellite Service Provider are coming forth to assist with activation of service to at least 109 Ministry of Health sites doted in all the provinces in Zimbabwe.

These sites would be connected with immediate effect Manicland 10, Mashonaland central 18,Mashonaland East 16,Mashonaland West 11,Matebeleland North 15,Matabeleland South 11,Midlands 13 and Masvingo 15.”

In 2016 Africom initially rolled out infrastructure to 127 Ministry of Health sites through a UNDP funded project, but due to monthly foreign currency challenges required for the rentals the sites had been laying idle.

To date, the country has recorded more than 28 COVID-19 cases including four deaths and two recoveries.

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TelOne-NetOne Avail ZWL$10 Million COVID 19 Facility.

Government owned enterprises TelOne and NetOne have jointly donated ZWL$10 million towards the fight against the spread of the pandemic coronavirus aka COVID-19.

The donation was handed to the President Emerson Mnangagwa on Wednesday.

At a handover event yesterday at state house, the two telecommunications companies noted that they are committed to augmenting Government’s efforts towards the mitigation of this global pandemic – that is affecting our nation.

“We have extended our business collaboration to establish a sustainable response plan which will benefit three public hospitals namely Sally Mugabe (formerly Harare Hospital), Beatrice Infectious Diseases and Mpilo Hospitals. ” said the telcos.

Specific areas being funded are both for immediate COVID 19 response needs and long-term improvement in key areas as follows;

  1. Infrastructure Development through supporting the refurbishment and adoption of one ward at each of the hospitals.
  2. Medical Equipment including ICU and ward care beds, bedside lockers and other ward furniture as well as suction machines, oxygen tanks, nebulisers and patient monitors.
  3. Water reticulation through drilling and full installation of 3 boreholes at Sally Mugabe Hospital; 2 boreholes at Mpilo and 1 borehole at Beatrice Infectious Diseases Hospital.
  4. Consumables which include FFP2 masks, N95 masks, dromex goggles, medium duty aprons, chemical overalls, cotton disposable overalls, glass face screens and an assortment of sanitisers and disinfectants.

The consumables which are largely PPE, sanitisers and other disinfectants are already in place and ready for distribution to the selected facilities. The drilling of all 3 boreholes has also been completed with the other 3 in progress.

Meanwhile refurbishment work is currently underway and should be finalized over the next few weeks, after which the new equipment will be delivered. The newly refurbished and fully equipped wards are expected to be unveiled and officially handed over by end of May 2020.

Further to the $10million dedicated to this project, the two institutions have also contributed immensely towards the successful setting up of the National COVID 19 Hotline and are bearing the cost of all calls from the public terminating on our networks.

Under this initiative the 2 entities donated 20 toll free lines and the requisite equipment to the National Emergency Operations Response Centre. In addition, contributions were also made towards the setting up of an Information Dissemination Hotline 2023, to enable the Ministry of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Call Centre set up.

“We are also pursuing innovations that we expect to ease communication while supporting the COVID 19 fight, which we hope to unveil in due course.

It takes a collective and multi-level effort from various stakeholders to develop a holistic intervention that will assist the country to effectively fight this invisible enemy. Together, we will certainly win this fight.” added the statement.

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All Set For Astro’s Eshagi, Electronic Loans at Convenience

Astro is getting ready to introduce a very  interesting  platform called  Eshagi, a mobile app that will allow Zimbabweans to apply for  instant loans at the comfort of their homes  with instant approvals.

What is more interesting is that this app is not just targeting the traditional market  which is  civil servants  via the Salary Service Bureau (SSB) or defense  forces or  ZAPAR platform  but  goes beyond  this market as they  seek to save both those in the formal and  informal  sector to capitalize SMES and the  informal sector.

The service is   also extended to personal loans service which only needs one to input personal details for banks to do their Know Your Client verification, obviously to help them against potential fraud, before processing the application,

We are yet to fully understand which other financial institutions are they  going to be  riding on but rumors  has it that it will be mainly riding on the  CBZ  bank platform.

There are still questions on  how much they are giving  as the maximum limit for their loan service, Interst rates, issues of any collateral security for non-civil servants and how SMEs will repay if they are  not on the  SSB payment  platform.

However there is much excitement on the instant capabilities, as they launch the service over the lockdown, much relief to the locked down citizens .

However the service is highly anticipated to we officially  launched this week, with a  source close to developments  stating that its now all systems go, as they seek to financially empower  Zimbabweans at the comfort of their homes

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#MondayBlues: Two More NetOne Board Members Sacked.

Two more NetOne board members have been sacked, as the NetOne drama continues at the state owned mobile network.

Paradzai Chakona and  Dr Douglas Mamvura are reportedly sacked from the NetOne board as the internal fissures within the board continue to widen.

Sources close to the developments however stated that Douglas Mamvura is still facing the chop and not yet dismissed as he has been served with letters over failure to attend board meetings

Mamvura however disputed the matter stating that he was never invited for any NetOne board meeting since the permanent secretary of the ministry has never formally introduced him to the board since his appointment.

His matter is yet to be finally resolved.

This means NetOne now has only 3 board members, Susan Mutangadura, Winston Makamure and Ranga Mavhunga, with an additional appointment on cards of Beaulla Chirume, who ironically is the ministry of ICT director.

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Open Letter To The Minister of Information and Communication Technology and Courier Services on Covid 19

The time has come for the Mobile Network Operators (MNO) and ICT professional to support what the Minister of Health and Child Care is doing. Zimbabwe and the world are grappling to contain the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) epidemic. The ICT professional and ICT companies should be leading from the the front by using Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and skills to develop systems that can enhance disease surveillance, coordinate response mechanisms, and promote public awareness that is more significant now than any other time.

This role of digital technologies is particularly crucial in Zimbabwe NOW than any other time, where we have weak health systems and high levels of illiteracy that usually slows the response to the epidemic by Zimbabweans in general.

Covid-19 is so deadly that, countries across the world have deployed the use of big data, mobile apps and other digital technologies with countries like China, Iran, Israel, Taiwan, and Italy are using geo-location technology relying on data from technology platforms and Mobile Network Operators (MNO) companies contain the spread of the Covid-19.

The Ministry of Information and Communication Technology and Courier Services should be leading from the front by calling MNO, ICT companies and ICT professionals to come together and come up with ICT solutions to help track and contain the spread of Covid-19.

We do not have to recreate the wheel but just to copy and paste what countries like China, Italy and Israel have implemented. Worldwide, It is known that positioning Information and Communication technologies (ICT) has always played a crucial role during the time of crisis and disasters, just like these challenging times of Covid-19.

Government agencies, health institutions, NGO and other stakeholders on the ground require precise positions to accurately assess the situation, pinpoint the risky areas and carry out relief and rehabilitation efforts accordingly, using ICT.

In China they have an approach that has seen the country leverage its Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems and sophisticated digital surveillance infrastructure that they are now using for effective disease control.

Citizens in provinces such as wuhan that was worst hit by the coronavirus are all required to install mobile apps that track travel, medical history and effectively control access to province’s subways, malls, and other public spaces.

The Chinese government has deployed drones and robots to monitor and track the movement of its citizens in Wuhan Province. The second hardest-hit country after China is Italy were Vodafone has indicated it is, providing Italian officials with anonymised customer data to track and analyse population movements in the hard-hit Lombardy region, where people are in lockdown.

The only known African country that is conducting technology-based disease surveillance is Kenya whose role is to monitor the movement of mobile phones users who are under self-isolation, who violate the restrictions imposed on their movements.

Above that, the Kenyan government has launched a contact tracking mobile app for public transport to provide critical contact data that will help trace back the movements of confirmed or suspected cases. I am also informed that in South Africa, MNO have agreed to give the South African government location data of suspected cases to combat Covid-19.

Recently the Ugandan health authorities who have struggled to locate individuals who travelled on the same flights as persons who tested positive for the coronavirus, there is already a suggestion to use information from the Ugandan immigration department and local telecom companies to locate these individuals to contain the spread of the dreadful disease.

As the ZICT chairman and an ICT professional, I am calling the Ministry of Information Communication Technology and Courier Services to take the leading role and invite MNO and ICT professionals to led in the development of the tracking Covid-19 systems in Zimbabwe, so that it become a national initiative.

If you need me to explain or elaborate further please do not hesitate to contact me on +263772278161 or [email protected]


Engineer Jacob kudzayi Mutisi

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Zuva Launches New Website with Real Time Fuel Locators, Dealership …

Zuva Petroleum recently launched their new website to bring you convenience with a world class modern look. Coming at a time when most Zimbabweans are already wasting fuel to get fuel, this servicecomes in handy to help ZImbabweans, but there is more.

Besides the website having a site locator, fuel finder, the team at Zuva also integrated online application forms for partnerships, customer and Zuva Card portals and extensive information on the fuel giant’s products and services.

Speaking to the Zuva’s COO Mr. Zwelithini Mlotshwa on these developments, he said

“As the world continues to evolve, we have chosen to keep moving with it. Innovation lies at the heart of our business operations. We aim to conveniently serve our customers by implementing technologies that enable the ease of doing business.

We are pleased to announce the launch of our newly revamped website as part of the ongoing evolution of the Zuva brand. Whether on desktop or mobile devices, the updated site will provide an elevated experience. “

The new aesthetics is totally revamped with improvements to  content, which now includes big, beautiful product and project imagery accompanied by vivid descriptions.  

There’s a whole lot of small changes and impactful advancements, all of which make the new site much better.

It was important that new and repeat visitors  get where they needed to go, find inspiration, and immediately gain a better understanding of the Zuva brand and everything that we have to offer.

After seeing the challenges that we are facing as a nation with the global COVID-19 pandemic, the website couldn’t have come at a better time. The primary objectives of our site development effort were focused on introducing new features that enable ease of doing business, aesthetics, simplifying of our content, and increasing the visibility of our offering. The website not only offers you what you need, it guides you to where you can get it in real time.” added the COO

This reduces unnecessary movement during the country’s lockdown and quarantine phase. The new design also allows for streamlined menus, clear and intuitive navigation, and a responsive layout for all platforms  that aims to create a user- centric  browsing experience for our trusted and valued customers and business partners. 

In addition to the changed design and layout of the pages, better access to Who We Are and How We Work, new functions have been implemented in this version of our website review that are guaranteed to  be valuable to all our stakeholders .

  1. Site Locator –  Do not be mistaken, this is not just another website, it’s a portal that identifies a Zuva service station closest to the customer in real-time. But more than that, it summarizes each site offering, service rating, operating hours and gives you an opportunity to interact with the Zuva brand online.
  2. Fuel Finder – We are excited about the fuel finder application. This is in line with global trends aimed at improving the situation of motorists in the country who now spend more productive hours in long fuel queues. At the touch of a button our website can now direct you to a service station with fuel , No need for chance queuing anymore .
  3. Customer and Card Portals – We have incorporated our customer and card portals to our website allowing for on the go access to our business tools. Apply online for a service station, LPG or Lubricants franchise through our application portal which enables a prospective franchisee to complete their application online, leaving meetings for the verification processes.

  “These are just some of the many innovations we have included on our website to make the lives of our customers better, for them to experience our service with ease and to infuse into their lives, energy everyday” he said.