Mutangadura Grounds NetOne As She Fires Top Executives


State  controlled  mobile  network, NetOne is operating  on auto  pilot  after the  board dismissed the  whole executive  committee with  a total of 10 top  management executives ,  after sending the  CEO Lazarus Muchenje packing,  a matter  still pending  at the labor court. 

NetOne board  led by  Susan  Mutangadura  did not renew contracts  for top executives  and managers, who earlier  on announced their  departure from  the mobile network #MondayBlues has learnt.

Sources  close to the developments however  stated that the  senior executives did  not have their contracts renewed but were rather fired via the infamous  three months  notice.

The following  executives  Dr Eldrette Shereni head of PR. Loveness Goverah Manager Brand and Marketing and Tauya Mugwagwa Head of IT while  contract  for  Tonganai Watungwa was  simply not renewed.
Darlington Gutu Chief Technology Officer  who  signed the Bankai agreements which brought much needed forex to Netone was  also  fired on  3months contract  termination notice.
Tinashe Severa Acting Chief Finance Officer, Tanyaradzwa Chingombe Acting head legal, Spencer Manguwa head Innovations, Tawanda Sibanda  manager roaming services and  Charmaine Kadenhe Mudhara legal trainee were  simply  told to stop coming to work and  no reasons were proffered to them.

Some  have  called this  witch hunt  exercise  at the  state  owned mobile  network,  while others  suggest  it was just a clean up  exercise  of less  competent  staff as the  mobile network  shakes  up the organization,  which  lately has  been  on  a  free  fall.

However the  biggest  question still stands, can  Susan  Mutangura turn  around the fortune of this  company which  she  has already  been operating  as an  executive  chairman with  all powers vested  in her .

NetOne has  lost serious  market share, confidence and service delivery  is currently at  its worst with the balance sheet not showing much to replicate the  action  on  ground.

Currently NetOne has been dogged  by serious  operational problems including running base stations without  back up fuel when  they are power outages,   lack  of  sim cards in market across all other towns, no airtime vouchers,  OneMoney debit cards no longer  available, Network has deteriorated to unacceptable levels with  serious data  connectivity  issues,
Data is time bound but most of the times you can’t use it before expiry

Besides these 10 fired NetOne  has seen  the past  board resign,  with  Only Susan Mutangadura emerging victorious as the new chairperson after the  firing of the  Chairperson, Chakona and Mamvura.

Other  board members Ranga Mavhunga  and Makamure  resigned  earlier on last year

The  New board is  yet to prove  their worth and  their capacity to turn  around the  asset at the height of serious performance and revenue  decline coupled low  staff  moral and   market confidence  crushing

The Mutangadura board however renewed contracts for these Mhonda Sibanda Acting Chief OneMoney, Lifort Toro Head Revenue Assurance, Innocent Mukandatsama Head Property, Solomon Manda Head of Billing

 and  Nancy Murove Manager Sales. Unfortunately Raphael Mhasho  manager risk passed on. 
Raphael Mushanawani  who was appointed acting CEO got  his contract extended by 4 months.
Normal NetOne contracts however usually run for 3-5 years and these  are  usually  reviewed by the  CEO to his  management, a position the  board has directly taken under  their control.

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