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We Are Not Threatened By Starlink Says Liquid

Liquid Intelligent Technologies Chief Commercial Officer, Lorreta Songola has said their company is not threatened by the incoming Starlink, and they are only adjusting their prices due to market forces that have seen a stable ZiG currency

Responding to press questions during a  Media Familiarization tour at their Sam Levy, Borrowdale, Harare offices, Lorreta said that they

Liquid intelligent technology marketing n retail executive

Lilian Nyang Oni, Loretta songola

wont be any shockwaves after the introduction of Starlink as a precedence has already been set in other African markets, where liquid is already fully operational.

“It is just a normal competitive environment, we are adjusting our prices due to the current stability of the ZiG exchange rate so I will give you an example we have it in Rwanda, we have it in Zambia.”
Songola went on to indicate perhaps the main issue was on price speculation adding,
“We will not be affected by the introduction of other players , its just a normal competitive environment , we have it (starlink) Rwanda and Zambiawe still operating the same,  our issue would be more on pricing and we have responded to the market on the current  stability of the local currency .”
Liquid Intelligent Technologies is a leading connectivity, innovation and  technology company across multi countries, primarily in Eastern, Central and Southern Africa, that is building a digital future for Africa which  boasts of around 5000 employees.
It is present in more than 25 countries across Africa. In terms of infrastructure, Liquid is the largest independent network provider in Africa and other emerging markets with an extensive fibre broadband network covering over 110 000 km in the region and over 26 000 km of this fibre network being Zimbabwe.
Starlink is Owned by South Africa-born American billionaire, Elon Musk, and is a satellite internet system using low-earth orbit satellites, which allow almost instantaneous connections and far lower power than the signal lags and higher power requirements of geostationary satellites.

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