POTRAZ Set Record Straight on Tariffs Comparisons

The Postal and Telecommunication Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (Potraz) has swiftly moved in to set the record straight on data tariffs following recent social media posts with unsubstantiated figures that portrayed internet services to be the highest in the Region.
The tariff comparison done by POTRAZ is based on out-of-bundle tariffs for the various offers in the region.  This is more reflective of the cost of providing services that enable the Authority to balance the service affordability and operator viability.
The authorities encourage the public to stop using data bundles for comparison because it may be misleading. The bundled services are normally discounted and may come with freebies whose value may be cumbersome to quantity.
“It is important to compare like with like such that if one is comparing mobile data let it be so without mixing with fixed and satellite data service offering as the cost is different even in the same country”, said the statement.
It is important to consider speed, latency, validity, period, and fair use of policies when comparing the costs. The Authority stated that it is not blocking Starlink in any way but it is not yet licensed to provide services in Zimbabwe.
Potraz boss Dr. Gift K Machengete said, “We would like to urge our valued stakeholders to verify all the information on Postal Telecommunication and Courier services before treating it as fact as some may be malicious and potentially induce panic and despondency”.
The Authorities want to ensure universal and affordable meaningful connectivity for all citizens regardless of the technology used under Zimbabwean law.
Shumirai Nyamadzawo

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