Liquid lays 26 000km Fibre in Zimbabwe, 110 000km in Africa

Liquid Intelligent Technologies (LIT) Wellington Makamure has made significant investments in fibre network deployment in Zimbabwe and the African continent, as they consolidate their position as the biggest Internet Access Provider (IAP) in the country.
The Liquid Intelligent Technologies Regional Chief Executive Officer, Central Africa W Makamure highlighted their major milestones to date in  his presentation at the inaugural Zimbabwe Telecommunications and Exhibition in Harare yesterday.
According to Makamure, Liquid has laid over 110,000 km of fibre in Africa, making it Africa’s largest independent fibre network.
 In Zimbabwe alone, Liquid has laid over 26,000km of fibre, equipping individuals and businesses with access to enterprise-grade connectivity.
Their fibre routes comprise of the aerial backbone and the underground backbone which seems to occupy the largest coverage this far.
During the presentation, Makamure also made known other activities that they have done as a telecoms provider to enhance the theme of the day, “Connecting the unconnected, bridging the digital divide”
Liquid provides free and open access to airports so that everyone who travels through Zimbabwe airports can connect without any costs, extended its commitment to remote clinics and hospitals by offering 250 hospitals in towns and remote regions internet. This contributes to better healthcare services and educational opportunities among Zimbabweans.
The telecoms company also provides affordable data to tertiary institutions and universities through the Edu Zone programme.
Shumirai Nyamadzawo

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