Zimbabwe’s First Lady Inaugurates E-Commerce & E-Health Center in Chiweshe Community


Zimbabwe’s First Lady Inaugurates E-Commerce & E-Health Center in Chiweshe Community
By Ross Moyo
Zimbabwe’s First Lady, also the country’s Health Ambassador, Her Excellency Dr. Auxilia Mnangagwa, inaugurated the ZimSmart Community E-Commerce and E-Health Center for the Chiweshe Community.

ZimSmart Villages, along with Vaka Health and VakaAfya Batsi Health, spearheaded by Tawanda Njerere and his business partner Dr. Admore Jokwiro, brought this initiative to fruition.

In an exclusive interview with TechnoMag, Njerere revealed, “Zimbabwean Telcos, including NetOne, TelOne, ZimPost, and others, have dedicated themselves to supporting the First Lady’s philanthropic endeavors across the country.”

As a result, the Telcos jointly sponsored the installation of a plaque, symbolizing the commitment of Zimbabwe’s Health Ambassador to alleviate the health challenges faced by the Chiweshe Community.

The plaque reads:

“Dedicated to the People of Chiweshe. This plaque marks the opening of the ZimSmart Community E-Commerce and E-Health Center.
Inaugurated by Her Excellency Dr. A. Mnangagwa.

This center offers hope for the community, representing a transformative leap towards digital inclusion.

By providing E-Commerce opportunities for local businesses and improving access to essential health services, it stands as a beacon of hope, innovation, and empowerment.”

The partnership between Health Ambassador, First Lady Dr. A. Mnangagwa, and the Telcos community envisions a brighter future for the people of Chiweshe, as expressed on the plaque:

“Promising a better future for Chiweshe, this center signifies the intersection of technology and healthcare to uplift and connect the community,” inscribed the Zimbabwe Health Ambassador alongside her Telecommunications partners.

Ross Moyo

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