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Frecon Solar Sets New Benchmark in Southern Africa’s Renewable Energy Landscape


Harare, Zimbabwe – Frecon Solar, the leading solar equipment supplier in Southern Africa, has once again demonstrated its industry leadership with the installation of a cutting-edge 50kW solar system at Belvedere Frecon HQ in Zimbabwe.

This groundbreaking project showcases Frecon Solar’s unwavering commitment to driving sustainable development in the region. The system’s impressive specifications, including a 215kWh battery bank, 36kW solar array, and 50kW inverter, make it the most advanced solar installation in Zimbabwe and a benchmark for the industry in Southern Africa.

As the sole supplier of this cutting-edge equipment in Zimbabwe, Frecon Solar reinforces its position as a pioneer and market leader in the renewable energy sector. With a proven track record of delivering top-notch solar solutions, Frecon Solar continues to shape the future of energy in Southern Africa.

“We are proud to be at the forefront of Zimbabwe’s energy revolution and a key player in Southern Africa’s renewable energy landscape,” said Blessing Chigwaza, Frecon Marketing Executive. “Our dedication to innovation and sustainability has enabled us to deliver exceptional results, and we look forward to continuing to drive sustainable development in the region.”

This project solidifies Frecon Solar’s position as a giant in solar energy supply in Southern Africa, and its commitment to sustainable development in the region.


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