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ICT Minister Urges Zimpost To Enhance Post Money Visibility



The minister of ICT, Postal and Courier Services Dr Tatenda Mavetera  announced initiatives aimed at expanding ZIMPOST’s reach in rural areas to ensure inclusive access to postal services across the country. She urged ZimPost to ensure that Post Money becoming a vibrant and visible product in the market.

Postal and Courier service provider ZimPost is set to repurpose all Community Information Centres into Digital Information Centres, offering various smart solutions to citizens, TechnoMag reports.  Speaking during ZIMPOST  Annual General Meeting, Minister Mavetera said government has approved turnaround strategies centered around digitalizing the postal business which includes Zimpost’s effective participation in e-commerce, last mile delivery services for online purchases and enhance financial accessibility through its product Post Money.

Mavetera met with ZIMPOST stakeholders at an AGM today, discussing key strategies for a SMART Post Office as enunciated by President Dr. E.D. Mnangagwa. Notably, this was the first ZIMPOST AGM for presenting audited financials since 2016.

Key points and strategies to make Zimpost smarter were listed as:

  • Digitalization and Vision 2030: Zimpost’s mandate is to provide Universal Postal Services throughout Zimbabwe. The Ministry has approved turnaround strategies centered around digitalization, aligning with President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa’s Vision 2030. Zimpost aims to support a digital economy and leave no one behind in the smart post era.
  • Towards a Smart Post Office: The agreed vision is to transform traditional services into innovative, tech-driven solutions.
  • Community Information Centres (CICs): Under the Ministry’s guidance, Zimpost has invested in CICs, which will be repurposed into Digital Information Centres offering various smart solutions.
  • E-Commerce and Last Mile Delivery: To survive in the evolving postal business, Zimpost must effectively participate in e-commerce and focus on providing last-mile delivery services for online purchases.


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