TelOne LTE running on existing infrastructure, success of shared infrastructure: Muswere


TelOne is now geared to serve around 6000 subscribers from Chitungwiza over the recently launched 10 LTE base stations, running on already existing infrastructure.

Addressing delegates Wednesday in Chitungwiza, Minister of ICT Postal and Courier Services Jenfan Muswere said this was testament of the success of government’s shared infrastructure policy.

“From a Government perspective, we are thrilled that our Telecoms Companies are now sharing infrastructure for the development of our economy. We have for a long time now been pushing for infrastructure sharing as a Government policy.

“Riding on existing infrastructure is a quicker way of realizing a sound digital economy and I am proud that TelOne has made use of other players to offer an innovative service.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, Infrastructure sharing in telecoms is an important measure to reduce costs and avoid duplication. It helps reduce infrastructure capital investment expenses and lower operational costs which in the long run will increase efficiencies,” said Muswere. 

The minister added further, it is a good thing in that operators will shift focus in network deployment to service based innovation resulting in more customer centric services like the Blaze LTE service that has just been commissioned.

“TelOne has simply added its satellites on existing towers where they have also been traditionally giving mobile networks backhauling internet infrastructure as the last mile.

“The move then means that instead of duplication of services, the device providers will offer other players to use their existing hardware in certain areas where the other players compensated in the next areas.

“On a financial perspective, sharing infrastructure will optimize the utilization of the much needed foreign currency as it eliminates duplication of infrastructure. We therefore call upon all Telecoms companies and corporates to embrace the culture of infrastructure sharing to preserve our coffers,” he said.

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