Telone launches $US1,2 million project through internal funds


Telone Board Chairman Dr Douglas Zimbango has applauded Telone for managing to generate a $US1,2 million project through their internal funds for the base stations that were launched, Today in Chitungwiza.

Speaking at the launch Zimbango promised Telone clients that they are going to deploy 30 more base stations by year end to make them a total of 40 base stations.

“On behalf of Telone i am glad to join all of you here as we witness the commissioning of the Blaze LTEs service here in Chitungwiza. This project has been long and coming and is a significant signal of our strategic intent as Telone as we move in terms of our technology road map.

“Digitally transformations under pins the Telone strategy as we believe that this is the only way we will be able to enhance the experience of our clients whilst growing our companies bottom line. With the demand of faster speeds and the improved quality of service on the increase we have had to be creative in terms of how to raise capital as this has been a pain point for the company.

“It is there fore with pride that we have to celebrate today’s milestone of having been managed to deploy this $US 1,2 million project through internally generated funds.”

Zimbango added that they are working very hard to inject capital for the deployment of the network base stations.

“This however, is just a small fractions of the strategic intent in terms of network deployment as we require significant capital injection to connect everyone, everywhere. We are thus continuing to pursue different funding models to inject capital for the deployment of our network.

“With this launch ladies and gentleman which consist of 10 base stations, we have increased our network coverage in Chitungwiza by 100% and it is our firm belief that this year we will be able to deploy 30 more base stations to make them 40 in total,” he said.

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