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Starlink Satellite Internet Roaming Price Doubles


SpaceX have started gradually raising Starlink satellite Internet subscription prices in the US, and the latest victim is its global roaming plan.

Instead of subscribing to global satellite Internet everywhere for $200/month, new Starlink users who want to be globetrotting with their kit will have to pay $400/month.

That’s quite the steep increase to the apparently introductory pricing that SpaceX had for the Starlink Roam tier so far, but at least existing subscribers won’t be immediately hit with doubling their plan price.

In the price increase email to customers, SpaceX tells existing customers that their plan costs will increase by $200/month starting on August 16, or three months from now.

The global Starlink roaming plan was introduced early in 2023, and is meant to unlock regional restrictions so that users could take their $599 satellite Internet kit everywhere with them.

People, however, have apparently been using the Roam plan to get around official Starlink coverage areas amidst regulatory approvals and government crackdowns, or using it on cruising boats instead of the pricier maritime Boat tier.

The new Starlink satellite Internet plan price increase might be happening to discourage such practices, at least for the basic subscription price.

The move comes days after SpaceX redrew its excess capacity area map in the US, and sent notices to many users that were on a $90/month tier that their Starlink Internet prices will go up to the regular $120/month payment reserved for areas with “limited capacity” on June 10th.

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