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NetOne Spruces Digital Excellence & Seamless Connectivity As Zim Hosts SADC 44th Summit

By Ross Moyo
With Zimbabwe preparing to host the 44th SADC Summit next month August, the country’s premier mobile network operator (MNO), NetOne is leaving no stone unturned ensuring digital excellence and seamless connectivity.
The  Mobile Network Operator has gone above and beyond deploying temporary cell sites to guarantee seamless connectivity at the summit venue. NetOne’s staff underwent  extensive training to provide exceptional customer service and support, ensuring that every attendee feels valued and connected.
“We are proud to support the SADC 44th Summit and, by taking a multifaceted approach, are committed to delivering exceptional connectivity and service to all attendees,” said NetOne boss, Group Chief Executive Officer (GCEO), Eng. Raphael Mushanawani.
NetOne comprehensive preparations are not just ready for the 44th SADC Summit but more so poised to set a new standard for digital excellence and seamless connectivity.
In amplifying the summit’s message so it resonates far and wide, Mobile giant implemented advanced amplification solutions including enhanced 5G coverage, increased bandwidth, and advanced network optimization, all designed to guarantee seamless, uninterrupted connectivity. The Telcos also upgraded its network infrastructure to handle high demand, ensuring high-speed connections for all attendees.
NetOne’s sales team is also rolling out the red carpet with exclusive promotions and discounts for delegates and attendees enticing offers which include free NetOne SIM cards to keep delegates connected without hassle, discounted mobile devices providing top-of-the-line tech at unbeatable prices, and personalized customer support catering to every need with bespoke service.
NetOne has activated international roaming agreements with numerous operators across the region to allow SADC delegates to stay connected using their existing mobile numbers, eliminating the need for local SIM cards and offering worry-free connectivity.
NetOne’s team is also in close collaboration with the government and other key stakeholders to ensure the summit’s success. The MNO’s comprehensive strategy includes collaborative event planning management, extensive media support press coverage, efficient crisis communication and issue management, all aimed at ensuring a flawless Southern African event.
To further enhance the experience for delegates and attendees, NetOne’s Mobile Financial Service, OneMoney, is offering a convenient, secure payment solution whereby OneMoney, transactions are effortless, allowing everyone to focus on what matters most.
NetOne’s technical and network support teams are on standby, prepared to address any issues with speed and efficiency, ensuring that the 44th summit runs smoothly.
NetOne is demonstrating its unwavering commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. In a bid to ensure seamless connectivity for Zimbabwe’s international visitors, the company has been working tirelessly to ensure that its digital solutions, network infrastructure, and customer support services are not just ready, but exceptional.
NetOne’s state-of-the-art digital solutions are set to revolutionize the summit experience for delegates and attendees. Their pioneering offerings include mobile applications for event scheduling and real-time notifications, along with digital payment platforms that ensure seamless and secure transactions throughout the summit. These advancements promise to keep everyone in the loop and facilitate effortless interactions.
To provide instantaneous assistance, NetOne’s digital support team has significantly amplified its social media presence and online support channels. Available 24/7, this team is dedicated to resolving any issues promptly, ensuring that the delegates’ experience remains smooth and uninterrupted. NetOne’s social media handles will serve as a hub for real-time support and updates, keeping everyone connected and informed.

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