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Apple Set To Unveil Siri Virtual Assistant


Apple is planning to overhaul its Siri virtual assistant with more advanced Artificial lntelligence (AI) at Worldwide Developers Conference to be held on the 10th of June, the move will let users control individual app functions with their voices.

‎The new system will allow Siri to take command of all the features within apps for the first time and that change required a revamp of Siri’s underlying software using large language models, a core technology behind generative Al and will be one of the highlights of Apple’s renewed push into AI.

Consequently, AI tasks will be processed on devices themselves, while more advanced capabilities will be handled via cloud computing., the company also has been forging a deal with OpenAI to integrate the startup’s chatbot and other technology into the iOS operating system, and it remains in talks with Google parent Alphabet Inc. to use its Gemini software in the future. Apple software boss Craig Federighi has told his teams to develop as many new AI features as possible for this year’s operating system updates.

With the Siri upgrade, Apple is looking to reinvigorate a pioneering product that fell behind competitors’ services. The company first launched Siri in 2011, giving it a head start in voice-based interfaces and AI. But Apple soon lost that lead to Inc.’s Alexa and the Google Assistant. Then it was caught flat-footed again when generative AI chatbots emerged two years ago.


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