Zim Embarks On Cryptocurrency Providers Assessment



Zimbabwe is embarking on the assessment of its cryptocurrency landscape to understand its nature, rísks of misuse, and develop a regulatory framework for crypto services.

According to the government this exercise will determine the nature and extent of the crypto-currency ecosystem in the country; assess and understand the risks and recommend an appropriate regulatory framework for crypto-currency and its service providers.

In a statement the government stated that, “In line with global trends and best practices, Zimbabwe is embarking on an exercise to assess and understand the cryptocurrency landscape, It’s “inviting all cryptocurrency service providers,” whether operating in or outside the country but giving services to customers in the nation, to make comments.

Zimbabwe has asked for public input on cryptoasset operations as it works on regulatory policy for the sector and as part of the assessment process, the government has set up a committee to consult operators in the virtual-asset ecosystem, and it wants comments by June 26.

Tari Mudahondo

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