Fake Cheap Data Bundles Hit Zim Market


While trying to find an alternative for cheaper data, quite a  number of Econet subscribers have found themselves scammed by  individuals who are  purportedly  selling cheaper data  bundles.

However the same can not be said for NetOne  data bundles, where we  suspect  some vendors  are actually manipulating the  system and  selling  desperate  clients much more data for less, a  serious  revenue leak which NetOne  is  yet to deal with it.

NetOne  porous system has been a  victim  of  VPN override  allowing  subscribers to run  a  free VPN which then tunnels out data  to the  internet  giving the  subscriber  free access, however  some  have  been  penalized  for committing the act.

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Fake Cheap Data Bundles Hit Zim Market


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