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Samsung unveils ‘mobile-first’ laptops, the New Galaxy Book Pro Series


Samsung has unveileda‘mobile first’ laptop, the new Galaxy Book Pro Series which has a combined strength of a laptop with the usability of its smartphone.

The Galaxy Book, Galaxy Book Pro, Galaxy Book Pro 360, and Galaxy Book Odyssey are four mobile-first PCs from Samsung, they all run on Windows 10 and an Intel processor.

The shiny OLED displays are the series’ main attraction. This is mostly due to the fact that previous versions, with the exception of the Galaxy Chromebook, have all featured QLED displays.

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Samsung unveils ‘mobile-first’ laptops, the New Galaxy Book Pro Series

Govt Launches Containerised Information Centre in Mash Central

Government has launched a containerised village Information centre in Nyachuru, Mashonaland Central as it aims at bridging the digital gap between rural and urban.

In a statement, the Postal and Telecommunication Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe, Director General Dr Gift Machengete said remote areas should not be left outas the country shift to the new normal of ICT due to Covid 19.


Internet Service Provider , TelOne has introduced free nighttime data to customers who use their VSAT platform.

The data allocation is being offered to both home and corporate on VSAT packages which is unlimited although speeds will be reduced once a customer exhausts their night time data allocation.

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Alibaba Accepts Record $2.8bn Fine and Vows to change

Chinese tech giant Alibaba said on Monday that it accepted a record penalty imposed by the country’s anti-monopoly regulator.

Regulators slapped a $2.8bn fine after a probe determined that it had abused its market position for years.

The fine amounts to about 4% of the company’s 2019 domestic revenue.

Alibaba Group’s executive vice chairman Joe Tsai indicated that regulators have taken an interest in platforms like Alibaba as they grow in importance.

Alibaba Accepts Record $2.8bn Fine and Vows to change

Defiant illegal forex dealers in supermarkets

While government’s ban on agent lines could have crippled forex trading dealings on the streets , illegal money changers have slowly stormed supermarkets targeting those buying using foreign currency.

Forex dealers are now offering a certain premium which is higher than the official rate in exchange for foreign currency, while using swipe or Ecocash.

The offered rate is usually a 100, 110% which highly beats the 84 official rate in supermarkets.

An observation by the publication shows that they pose as actual buyers in a supermarket using a tactful approach , infused with greetings , slight conversation and asking if one is using cash to buy their stuff.

Speaking to TechnoMag a forex dealer by Pick n Pay Second street said , “ We just have to get inside the supermarkets thats were business is , at least things will balance , we offer a better rate and we do the deals.” 


The transaction limit issue is also another hinderance , but we are just trying to survive .”

He added that feeding his family is the push factor for all those techniques , since government closed the door on them , while he is basically unemployed.

Following a government directive mobile money wallet Ecocash capped the daily individual limit of ZWL$5 000 to contain illegal dealings that fuel black market foreign currency exchange rates.

One staff member was quick to comment on the situation while observing her bosses speak to TechnoMag.

“They come here everyday and its hard to pick them out , so there is really nothing to do about it.” , she said.

Authorities in supermarkets have gone as much as putting out notices prohibiting such , but the effort to make a living , push most dealers.

On 21 August RBZ banned agent lines with immediate effect arguing that they no longer serve any legitimate purpose.

Money changers who were feeding on the business were hit hard by the directive.

Encroaching supermarkets is perhaps a minor comeback to hold on the business , while things took a different shift following the directive.

“We are hustlers , we hustle hard involving tactics is part of the plan , otherwise you will go back to the roots (unodzokera kumusha ).” 

“We now also targeting supermarkets cause Ecocash is now scarce and most people will be using forex to buy.” , said one of the mon

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