ZimStartup: Ticketplus Offers Convienience In Buying Events Tickets Online

While the full adoption of plastic money is still a big concern in Zimbabwe, some have realised that the shortage of cash provides a lot of opportunities in starting an online business. Thats what Terence Tapiwa Magwenya did when he started Ticketplus, an online platform for buying tickets for events in Zimbabwe.

After realising that sometimes people may get to know about a show or event but without the knowledge of where to get tickets, Terence Magwenya got an idea to create an online platform where people can get tickets and interact.Ticketplus Founder and CEO, Terence Magwenya spoke to TechnoMag about how they started, what they are doing now and their plans for the future.

“It started when we saw that there was a cash crisis in the country but business has to continue, because we do have more channels to do business with. I came with the concept for this platform where people can go online, buy their ticket and go to the show, paying for it using Ecocash, Telecash, ZimSwitch, Visa and MasterCard.” he said.

There is need to offer people with convenience especially during this day and age of advanced technology, something Terence noted when talking about his platform.

But Ticketplus isn’t just there to simply serve the people who want to attend events, but even the event organisers themselves by providing a fast and efficient platform for broadcasting events, selling tickets and securing funds in the process.

“Given the paradigm shift from use of liquid cash to mobile wallets and internet banking, in conjunction with the use of social media for advertising; our site serves as the answer to event organizers for a fast and efficient  platform for broadcasting prospective events across the nation and selling tickets for the respective events using our most secured payment gateway paynow.We strive to tailor-suit our services to the demands and needs of the client to ensure the best outcome”

Simplicity is the name of the game as the young entrepreneur explained how the site works and how one can buy a ticket in three easy steps.

“Our system has three stages involved in buying a ticket, one, you select the show you want to attend, indicate the number of tickets you want to buy and then you pay for it, its simple.” Mr Magwenya explained.

There is a video on the company’s Facebook page showing how to navigate the website.

Mr Magwenya is very optimistic of the future and believes that once people fully adopt the technological changes happening all over the world, then they will be a lot of opportunities for their business and other technology based businesses in Zimbabwe.

Ticketplus Company Manager Tariro Mukupe

“Now it may still be a challenge for someone to get access to the internet but as time goes on, everyone will have internet access making our service the thing of the future as it offers a lot of convenience.”

There are still various ways of buying events tickets in Zimbabwe including online platforms like Web Tickets Zimbabwe. But there are still opportunities for a start up like Ticketplus. Company manager Tariro Mukupe also gave her insight on the start up.

“We are still in the inception stage and trying to find our footing however we are working tirelessly to get more business via reaching out to event organizers beyond just concerts; we are looking to expand into conference registrations such as church and business conferences” she said.

Currently Ticketplus is selling tickets for the show of Michael Mahendere and they wish to engage more events organisers and are working hard on marketing and advertising their platform.

“We have been advertising through word of mouth and making efforts to meet with potential clients to sell our idea. Anyone who is willing to give us an ear, we are maximizing! We have also been making use of social media platforms to advertise.” Mukupe added

From convenience to interaction, Ticketplus offers a lot for events organisers and those who would love to attend those events. Check out their website and familiarise with it.

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