#MondayBlues: Welcome To Social Media Mr President.


#MondayBlues was not impressed about Mnangagwa’s  many fake twitter accounts,  After months of debating on which from the numerous Twitter and Facebook Accounts bearing President Emerson Mnangagwa belong to him, he has finally come out open confirming his official pages.

In a five second long video clip on twitter, President Mnangagwa confirmed that the account under the name President of Zimbabwe with the handle @edmnangagwa was his official twitter page account, concurrently he confirmed the facebook page in the same, rather sloppy video.

To much joy it now has a blue badge tick!! Welcome Cde.

its not just done, but infact it has just started. Here are few basic  rules of engagement that we the online Republicans  would want you to abide since you have come to our side of the word. Dont worry about the cloth on leather sofa it does not really help us move forward as a nation.

Do not post to broadcast your wishes, policy or updates alone, we need you to be more engaging and human to respond and act on pertinent issues . You have made one bold step to accountability . Once more again Well done.

By Michael Gwarisa

“Hello Zimbabwe and the World. I am proud to announce that this is my official twitter page. Thank you (SIC),” said Mnangagwa.

ED Mnagagwa on Twitter

Numerous versions had been thrown around as to who runs accounts under the Presidents name, with some suggesting that it was some overzealous supporters and of Mnangagwa.

The big question now is “Who runs the remaining three accounts under the name ED Mnangagwa?”

Mnagagwa joins other world leaders who are actively on Twitter including America’s President Donald Trump, Kenyan President, Uhuru Kneyata among others.



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