Tendo’s Power Back-Up Is What Our Hospitals Need


THE Issue of power outages still remains a menace in some areas in Zimbabwe. However, given the sensitivity of the health services sector, a permanent solution has to be devised in order to save lives and provide proper medical services in the absence of power.

Thanks to to the Tendo Holding’s Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) technology, the issue of blackouts at hospitals may soon become thing of the past. 

A single Phase UPS has 1-16 kVA, APC Smart-UPS, Smart UPS RT, Back-UPS has got performance power protection with scalable runtime for space constrained server rooms, voice and data networks whilst the Three-Phase UPS has 10-4800 kVA MGE Galaxy 5000, 7000,9000, Symentra MW having right sized three-phase power protection for any size high density power zone or data center

This technology ensures that short term power disruptions are filtered out and do not affect sensitive equipment. Tendo also offers network critical physical infrastructure (NCPI) and renewable energy and energy efficiency solutions.

Tendo Electroanics official at ICT Africa Expo

A generator powers the UPS to ensure continuous power in cases of extended power outages thus ensuring that a hospital is able to continue providing service to patience.

The solution safeguards and protects against bad electrical power whilst providing  alternative power in the event of normal electrical power outage.


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