Safeguard’s Licence Plate Recognition Monitors Vehicle Passage


Controlling vehicles that come in and out seems like a mammoth task, but with Safeguard’s Licence Plate Recognition software, you can account for every vehicle that passes through your gate with absolute certainty, a company official has said.

Having a security guard at the gate and recording in a book all the vehicles that come in and out creates a system that is prone to human error.

By Pearson Mbendera

The Licence Plate Recognition system captures the licence plate of every car, the colour and make of the car while it records its movements, the time it comes in and the time it leaves the premises.

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Showcasing how the system works at the ICT Africa Expo at the HICC, Munyaradzi Maponga, Safeguard general manager spoke of how they didn’t want to simply give a basic video capturing system


“With this system, you can see the cars coming in, put them into two lists, the white list comprised of cars that you recognize and give safe passage to and the black list comprised of cars that get flagged and sends an alarm to us,” he noted.

This provides for an opportunity to do away with a security guard at the gate who only sits to open the gate for the cars and record them.

This is ironic since this system actually means that you may do away without putting a security guard at the gate, something that had been the core of Safeguard’s business for years.

He also said,the system is suitable for schools and businesses.

“Taking an example of a school, to avoid kids from being picked up by random cars, with a list of while listed cars and the black listed cars, we can tell whenever a black listed car forces itself into the premises and take action before something bad happens,” added Maponga.

The system doesn’t just capture and stores information about cars, but builds a database that you can use later to search a particular car at any given time.

But no technology is fool proof, a lot of mishaps can still occur despite having all the cars recorded. But the Licence Plate Recognition still provides a good starting point for an investigation should it be called for.

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