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Six-Part Documentary ‘Photographers’ To Start Airing On Nat Geo Channel


An acclaimed six-part documentary series focused on some of the world’s most accomplished photographers is to start airing on DStv’s National Geographic channel this month.

In a statement, Multichoice Zimbabwe Corporate Affairs and Public Relations Manager Charity Njanji said the series would launch on Wednesday, March 20 and would each week focus on one or two outstanding photographers whose work is ground-breaking and inspiring.

“The series is called Photographer and is produced for National Geographic by Little Monster film and comes from award-winning film-makers E. Chai Vasarhelyi and Jimmy Chin, premiering on National Geographic, DStv channel 181, at 9 pm on Wednesday, March 20,” she said.

“Photographer is a journey of brilliance with some of the world’s most extraordinary visual storytellers, showcased by leading documentary filmmakers to give audiences an exhilarating and dynamic international adventure.”

Each hour-long episode follows the story of a single photographer, who includes Cristina Mittermeier and Paul Nicklen, Dan Winters, Campbell Addy, Krystle Wright, Muhammed Muheisen, and Anand Varma. Their work is to create memorable images that will not be forgotten or discarded by the passage of time. Footage has been taken of one of each photographer’s missions, interwoven with interviews and archived footage.

Ms Njanji said viewers would gain a deeper understanding of each photographer’s process, learning how each became an artist and discovering how each sees and experiences the world from which they are uniquely obtaining their inspiration and ideas.

Eight respected directors were tasked with bringing the photographers’ stories to life. From the insightful vision of award-winning duo E. Chai Vasarhelyi and Jimmy Chin (Free Solo) to the skilled direction of Marshall Curry (Racing Dreams), Pagan Harleman (The Trade), Crystal Kayiza (Rest Stop), Sam Pollard (MLK/FBI), Kristi Jacobson (Solitary) and Rita Baghdadi (Sirens), each episode is a collaborative and visually stunning adventure that invites viewers into a captivating world where every frame tells an inspiring and evocative story.

For over 135 years, National Geographic has built a storied legacy in visual storytelling, showing an interconnected world through the work of thousands of renowned photographers. This was first done exclusively through its famed magazine and in recent decades, this has been complemented by its award-winning television broadcasts.

With millions of images moving at a rapid clip across news and social media daily, it can be difficult to focus on a singular picture that captures one moment more than any other. This is precisely what the focused photographers do in the Photographer series, using the power of visual storytelling to capture life in motion and show the world in new and often unprecedented ways.

The series will delve into the nuances of the craft of photography while staying rooted in universal themes through a personal lens. In fact, Photographer transcends the genre of photography shows to take a deep dive into the forces that drive these almost-obsessive photographers on their quests for visual perfection.

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