Powertel Offers Competitors Fiber Over Zesa Pylons


Powertel Managing Director Willard Nyagwande recently announced that his organisation was ready to offer competitors a new service that is to revolutionise the telecommunication industry.

Speaking at the first ever Zimbabwe Annual Telecommunications and Exhibition, held in Harare yesterday, Nyagwande said his organisation was ready to offer new competitors the opportunity to access fibre optic cables that run along Zesa pylons.

”In terms of the space on the towers, you can put as many fibres as you want to avoid digging as much as you want but either way possible people are still digging, some of the fibres in the dust still go together ” he said

Nkala added ”You can still see a telephone cable, powertel cable, liquid cable, and we go and drop it where we want to drop it. We do infrastructure sharing agreements that we then send to Postal and Courier Services (Potraz) to authorize infrastructure sharing. Once they authorise, we then go ahead and share, and send some to them to authorise till it’s doable.”

This move is a game-changer for the telecommunications sector in Zimbabwe, as it allows smaller companies to access high-speed internet connectivity without the need to invest in expensive infrastructure. By leveraging Powertel’s existing Fiber network, competitors can now offer their customers faster and more reliable internet services at a fraction of the cost.

The decision to open up its network to competitors is a bold move by Powertel, but one that is sure to benefit both the company and the industry as a whole.
By encouraging competition and innovation, Powertel is helping to drive growth and development in the telecommunications sector, ultimately benefiting consumers.

With this new service, smaller companies in Zimbabwe now have the opportunity to compete with larger players in the market, levelling the playing field and creating a more dynamic and diverse industry.

Sheltryn Parangira

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