PG Orders ZACC To Investigate Kangai Vs Supa Case.

 Prosecutor General Ray Goba who was reinstated by President Mnangagwa as the substantive head of the National Prosecution Authority has tasked the Zimbabwe Anti Corruption Commision (ZACC) to respond to allegations registered last year under Kangai Vs Supa, by a complainant and fired  NetOne CEO Mr. Reward Kangai.

The Prosecutor General Wrote to ZACC seeking an update on the matter, which has been interpreted as an order to expedite investigations and feedback on the matter, which largely was now dormant and had not been pursued since the submission by Kangai. 

In his filing early last year, the Ex NetOne CEO wrote to the Zimbabwe Anti Corruption Commission, leveling allegations of gross misconduct and flouting procedures against the minister of ICT and Cyber Security, Hon Supa Mandiwanzira.

According to a report authored by former NetOne CEO Reward Kanga, the minister engaged Megawatt Energy to investigate prices of goods and services paid for through a $218 million loan facility from China Exim Bank by Huawei.

Kangai alleges the minister told NetOne to pay a $4 million for consulting services that other companies could have billed for a meagre $300 000,and  the minister solely engaged Megawatt Energy, led by its director  Xiaodong Li, to carry out an audit of the loan deal without involving NetOne management or the board.

In His Submission to ZACC, parliamentary portfolio  and the then President,Robert G Mugabe, Kangai stated that he could not pay Megawatt  Energy $4 million for consultations they did since this was not done procedurally, and by so, this strained relations with the minister.

kangai writes mugabe

“A meeting between Megawatt Energy and NetOne was arranged by [former] chairman [Alex Marufu] on December 11 2015 to start at 9am,” Kangai’s report to Mugabe reads in part.

“Prior to that, a meeting was scheduled at 8am for NetOne management and chairman to discuss the Megawatt Energy issue and to come up with a common strategy.

“It was at the meeting that I outlined the procedures that needed to be followed before such an external payment of $4 million could be approved by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe and it is at that point that the chairman realised the minister breached procedures and he then said that the ‘board needed to protect the minister’.”

Kangai also alleges that the minister had interest in the deal since he had offered proof that stated that Minister Mandiwanzira was a director at a linked company.

Kangai alleges that Mandiwanzira, through a South Africa registered firm is linked to Blue Nightingale Trading 906 where he was registered as a director — jointly owned a building in South Africa, Rivonia, with three other firms owned by Xiaodong.

In a tweet, ICT Minister Responded that Kangai was found on the wrong side according to the forensic audit and he had nothing to hide.

supa responds to Kangai allegations nd ZACC probe



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