Pakistan bans TikTok app


Pakistan’s telecom regulator blocked TikTok on Friday for failing to filter out “immoral and indecent” content.

This is another blow to the social media app that has come under increasing scrutiny as its popularity has surged across the globe.

The ban comes in view of “complaints from different segments of the society against immoral and indecent content on the video sharing application,” said the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA).

The PTA said it would review its ban subject to a satisfactory mechanism by TikTok to moderate unlawful content.

“We have been in regular communication with the PTA and continue to work with them. We are hopeful to reach a conclusion that helps us continue to serve the country’s vibrant and creative online community,” it said.

TikTok reportedly has 20 million monthly active users in the country.

And it was the third most downloaded app after WhatsApp and Facebook over the last 12 months, according to an analytics firm.

In July, Pakistan issued a final warning to TikTok due to content of a provocative nature.

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