Raphael Mushanawani appointed Netone Acting CEO as Board Drops Chipo Jaisson


After serving as Acting CEO for the past 6 months since the suspension of Lazarus Muchenje, chartered accountant Chipo Jaison was this week dropped by the board as the acting CEO.

Sources close to the developments have informed TechnoMag that Chipo Jaisson had served her 6 months period , which according to corporate governance has officially expired and must have been renewed or reassigned back to her post as Chief Finance Officer.

Her 6 month stint at NetOne however was no easy task as Netone was going through its worst hell storm, with the suspension and firing of top executive and board members taking center stage.

The worst corporate government issue at play is the current Netone board or is it acting Chair who is also playing an executive Chairman role, rendering the CEO pretty much useless.

NetOne board declared that any transaction above $100 000 RTGS which is basically usd $1000.00 must first seek approval by the board and be actioned through them, with most top decisions being done by the board.

This renders the office of the CEO only ceremonial and useless and probably could be attributed to the worst performance period of Netone, and ofcourse it was without the embarrassing Borrowdale incident.

Rumours has it that they did not give her back the Chief Finance Post and likely settling for the head of financial management post.

Her best success result we have recorded is probably not allowing NetOne to collapse, with these current bad decisions and activity, Jaisson played a critical part as a defending striker in a losing match.

Meanwhile, Raphael Mushanawani who was once Chief Information Officer before moving to manicaland has been appointed as the acting Chief Executive Officer.

He used to report to a local zone commander, who reported to head of consumer business, whose boss was chief commercial Officer and reported to the Chief Operating Officer .

This is a major come back for him, and to whom much is given, much is surely expected.

As a techie all eyes are on him and we hope NetOne will be on a good trajectory and come back, with much more creative products to get back its market position.

More importantly, hopefully the new board will be freed, and find reason and common sense to let go the asset and allow it to operate professionally without serving any personal interests.

Crucial Kuwanga

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