#MondayBlues: Zimbabwe Will Not Have A Media Minister


Whether its an error by commission or omission, Cde George  Charamba is probably the only person in Zimbabwe with three powerful hats as he runs as the President’s Spokesman, Permanent Secretary of Media and Information, while he still acts as the overall minister of information in the absence in his absence. 

Two months after President Emmerson Mnangagwa announced his new government which took off with major gaffe seeing recalling of some ministers including the then appointed minister of media Chris Mutsvangwa, who later on took a post as the President’s  Special Advisor, Zimbabwe will not be making the ministerial appointment.

Charamba used to report to his estranged boss, who is now fugituve minister, Professor Jonathan Moyo, as he faces various criminal charges over abuse of affice and corruption allegations. 

The two had a public fall out when Professor Moyo during a BBC Hard Talk strongly vowed that the then Vice President  ED Mnangagwa was not going to become the next president by virtue of simply being the vice president.

However not appointing a minister may be a constitutional violation by the president, , who seem to have forgotten to fill in the vacant as the office remains open, while the ministry is not terminated.

Effort to call the Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet Dr Misheck Sibanda were fruitless as his office landline went unanswered probably because it was rather after normal business hours.

With few months left towards the election and a pressing calendar for economic turn around, the Zimbabwean government has literally forgotten to fill up the post, amidst claims that the president may not have anyone else fit or to trust for the office from the elected officials.

The president has constitutionally exhausted the number of non-elected Members Of Parliament he can appoint and choosing someone from the current crop may prove to be a real headache.

it seems its more comfortable to allow the ministry to run with only the secretary, one cadre he trusted for a long time than try to continuously fit someone new in one of the top three influential ministries in Zimbabwe.



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