#MondayBlues: “Gvt Will Not Interfere in Kwese vs Dr Dish” Charamba

It never rains but pours for Dr Dish whom few months back the nation was sympathizing along with him as Kwese fought i=his battles to ride on his licence, but all has now changed as Kwese dishes him for its own licence.


Dr Dish will likely suffer a major blow, as he plans to stop Kwese from operating, through government intervention over their license disagreement , #Mondayblues can exclusively reveal.


The permanent secretary of information and publicy, George Charamba said that they had no business or interest in closing down Kwese because of their contract violation with Dr Dish since this is not a policy issue, but rather corporate matter they should sort.


Why should the government be worried about a corporate disputes between players, this is not a policy issue between Kwese and Dr Dish, and this matter does not warrant the BAZ or government intervention “ said Charamba


Charamba said that it is very ironic that when all was rosy Dr Dish and Econet were bedding outside the government intervention but suddenly they see the need for the government to intervene in their private agreement .


Charamaba also revelaled that they have never denied Kwese a licence, contrary to what many people think, Kwese had never approached the government for the licence in the first place, hence they cant be recorded to have blocked them.


The secretary also said that this stance has nothing to do with new political dispensation since the same judicial system gave Kwese a favorable decision against the court battles they had towards their licencing issue.


However Charamba was not happy abut Dr Dish and other players who come in for purposes of only acquiring licenses then resell them to other players as a property at a premium.


The government is actually worried rent seeking behaviors where we see many players who can not provide a certain service , but simply use their papers to get licences and charge the real service providers a premium.


This is probably the same loophole that Kwese Media may have seen and exploited. Kwese saw that the government could actually grant them a licence, hence there was no need for them to be charged over a licence deal with Dr Dish, when they can actually get directly, hence they initiated the move.


This move will obviously be a major blow to Dr Dish who had anticipated some revenue generation from their understanding, unfortunately the contract has been terminated which now is a case they have to settle at another civil court lavel.


Dr Dish has been quoted to have been going towards adding new channels incase Kwese ‘s licenceis cancelled after his challenge , a move which will literally see him resuscitate his Go tv


Charamba said the mandate of BAZ is to mainly represent the consumers who are the clients enjoying the services and this was in line with the high court decision which already made note of these issues.


The high court ruling had the interest of thousands who had already bought the and installed the Kwese decorders , while it also considered the investment the companies had made towards the service , and more importantly it considered the employment opportunity provided”.

This simply means that Charamba was glad that the courts granted Kwese a go ahead to operate while they need to regularise the licence issue, hence this was now a secondary interest.



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