#MondayBlues: TelOne Paid BAZ $2 500 For DEOD Licence, Still Waiting…


After the Broadcasting Authority Of Zimbabwe BAZ  moved in to block the launch of TelOne’s DEOD services, citing licensing issues, TelOne paid a paltry $2 500 license towards the license, but still awaits approval for operation, 7 months after being forced to abort launch.


Sources at TelOne told TechnoMag that BAZ was yet to deal with the bureaucratic process, which in all sense defeats the spirit of ease of doing business in Zimbabwe as they gave procedural reasons as the main excuse for the delay.


“BAZ has not moved the application by TelOne citing ratification by board, which unfortunately has not been appointed meaning the process is moving at a snail pace, “ said a source at TelOne.


What is ironic is the fact BAZ has the power to stop a progressive move yet they all admit they do not have the same power to authorize operation, what a big joke for the Blocking Authority of Zimbabwe.


However , yesterday the BAZ finally advertised the opportunity for any other players wanting to licence towards the service provision to do so, while it was not clear how they will clear the application as the same board they once cited is not yet appointed.


The Broadcasting Authority Of Zimbabwe wishes to advise interested person who intend to provide classes of broadcasting services that do not require allocation or use of frequencies , such as those listed below , to submit their applications at any time for consideration by the authority :

  • Video On Demand (VOD)
  • Webcasting
  • Content Distribution Service


This notice however presents a sense of madness for BAZ as they are still stuck with an act which is no longer relevant and needs a complete repeal by lawmakers or at policy levelby the President to align it to nowadays technology.




Needless to say , BAZ is playing a wrong role of only reacting to technological developments, by making itself relevant only when they block new players without right internal framework and processes to handle the same matter.


It has taken TelOne more than seven months of waiting for a technology that necessarily does not all need these regulations since its simple broadcast to many over the internet .



bureaucratic processes grapple state owned enterprises forcing them not to be competitive as they are always faced with these unnecessary hurdles while the competitor in the private easily makes internal moves without these red tapes.


How much ground could have been covered by TelOne had the their launch gone through back then. Who is the enemy of progression in this case and what was more important blocing over a mere $2 500 or allowing an economic idea to drive the nation forward .




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