MondayBlues: Kwese Dealers Stuck With “Useless” Decoders


As the Kwese TV business kicked off on a high note, speculative dealers had hoarded hundreds of Kwese Installation kits including decoders, satellites dish and installation cables in anticipation of brisk business. This was amidst reports that more than 50 000 subscribers had activated the service in the wake of a favourable high court  ruling, #MondayBlues has learnt.

However, it turns out that dealers are still stuck with purchased Kwese equipment as they keep their fingers crossed for the legal appeal against BAZ which if not favorable they will be doomed as Kwese was blocked from Zimbabwe.

While hundreds of thousands if not millions are anticipated to be hooking up to the Kwese service once in full operation, The reverse of the the matter is true if the ruling judgement is not going to be favorable, a move which will render the installation kits useless and fortunately redeemable.

Econet Wireless Zimbabwe and some local Kwese dealers have however reassured Zimbabweans who already purchased and installed the decorders that they can be immediately refunded their money if they no longer want the service. The other alternative is to wait for the high court outcome.

Full kwese decorder kit

The decoders can not be used for any other Eastern based satellite entertainment , and are all facing west as they have different source feeds  from Free To Air (FTA) or pay TV service common to most Zimbabweans.

While spirits are high at Econet, dealers are pessimistic as they continuously wait and getting  worried about the delay in the judgement to be passed.



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