#ZimStartUp: Making Money Out Of Creating Mobile Applications


The mobile application market is on the rise, and a lot of developers are making money out of it. Anyone can come up with a very good idea for a mobile app, but not everyone can actually develop a mobile app that works well. With millions of mobile applications already in existence, the competition is fierce, making it big is not for every developer.

Let us be honest, you are not just creating a mobile app just for the fun of it, maybe you will derive pleasure from doing so but the main goal is in making money, and the question becomes, how do you make money out of it?

By Pearson Mbendera

There are a lot of considerations to make, especially when you are making an app for the Zimbabwean market. However good it may be in every respect, it may not be received as well as you’d like, and that may be damaging to your creative ego and your pocket too.

Chances are, there will be less people from outside Zimbabwe who will be interested in your application. But it would be overly ambitious of you to consider a lot of Zimbabweans buying your mobile application from any app store. A lot of Zimbabweans will go for the free application, but don’t despair, there are some ways to make money out of your application that can work for you in a tough market like Zimbabwe, despite uploading it for free.

Here are some ways to make money out of developing mobile applications:

1) From  App Downloads

Apple, Google and Microsoft pay money for all downloads of any mobile app on their platform, so the more your app get downloaded, the more money you will fetch.

There are a lot of factors that will determine the popularity of your mobile app, which will in turn lead to more downloads, but thats a topic for discussion for another day.

It is important to note that mobile app store have a lot of specifications your mobile application will have to meet for it to be accepted on those platforms, otherwise, you may have to distribute it in some other way which may not generate the necessary publicity.

2) Advertising

It will surely be a tough one, but if your application allows for advertising, you may make money out of it. Digital marketing is on the rise and there will be some companies that may be interested in advertising on your app.

A lot of people nowadays have access to Wi-Fi and that will increase the opportunities for making money via advertising. But people don’t like adverts, that’s something you may have to look into a they will most likely turn off adverts on any mobile application.

You will have to hustle very hard to get companies to advertise on your platform.

3) Work with a company/organization

Creating a mobile application for a company or an organization and getting paid for it may be another best way to get money from your mobile application development gig.

There are a lot of organizations that require mobile application to better serve their customers, keep them informed and offer many other services via a mobile application, thus creating a mobile app for them may guarantee some money as the company may be the one responsible in getting people to download the app.

So consider these before you create your next mobile application. While the first goal may always be about making money, it may be just as good to first get recognition as a very good mobile application developer, and if that the case, then write to us, we may be interested in writing about you and your mobile applications.

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