#ZimStartup: Globtorch Dreams Big


A local educational tech startup Globtorch launched last Saturday at 7 Arts Theatre will embark on an ambitious project as it targets a million subscribers each year.  Globtorch is a recently established registered institute and pioneer of online education which offers tuition that cuts across all academic angles from ECD, Primary, Secondary to Tertiary Level.

Speaking at the launch, Globtorch Principal Charles Massimo said they intend to acquire a million subscribers each year on their platform.

“Our objective is to have a million subscribers each year,” he said.

The online institute is legit as it made necessary paperwork to ensure they get acknowledged by the ministries of Primary and Secondary Education as well as higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development.

“This institute is registered both under the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education and the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development so it is a legal entity,” he said.

Karim Subeli demonstrating how to register on Globtorch with a schoolgirl

The platform designed by a local tech startup offers highly reputable courses from various institutions like ACCA.

“We are also accredited in highly credible examiners like ACCA, IAC,etc as such we offer various professional courses such as Financial Accounting, Corporate Management office e admin, HR, Purchasing and Material Management, Marketing Management etcetera.

Massimo also said they have a bookstore which provides an opportunity to booksellers in hyping their books.

“Our online bookstore will also provide vast opportunities for booksellers’ offers and they will also increase book sales. Because we have a bookstore where booksellers can sell their books.

“We are also saying this platform will provide opportunities to network providers in various communities because this works on internet,” he added.

He also said with the high internet penetration rate in Zimbabwe, the platfrom provides an opportunity

Considering that most of those doing professional courses will be busy at work, Globtorch saves them time as they can enrol for classes via the platfrom.









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