TelOne Records 3.7% Jump In Subscribers


CONVERGED telecommunications operator, TelOne recorded a 3.7% increase in subscribers in the second quarter  to reach 267,034 from 257,626 recorded in the first quarter of 2017.

According to the Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (Potraz)’s abridged postal and telecommunications sector performance report, the fixed teledensity remained at 1.9%.

Active fixed telephone lines increased by 3.7% to reach 267,034 from 257,626 active lines recorded in the previous quarter. TelOne increased its switching capacity by 11.2% to accommodate 525,989 subscribers from 473,000 subscribers. 

Active fixed telephone lines in urban areas registered an increase, whereas active lines in rural areas declined. Fixed voice traffic declined by 16% to record 134.4 million minutes from 160 million. Net-on-Net traffic registered the biggest decline of 22.3% as shown in table 2 below:


Of the 5,347,560 minutes of international incoming traffic recorded on TelOne`s international gateway, 4,327,781 minutes was terminated on TelOne`s network whereas the rest was terminated on other networks. 2,627,411 minutes of international outgoing voice traffic processed on TelOne`s gateway originated from TelOne, whereas 1,291,038 was received from other networks.

Meanwhile, the total revenue generated by the fixed telephone network declined by 2.2% to record $28.5 million from $29.2 million recorded in the previous quarter.

The contribution of voice service to total revenue continued to decline, whereas the contribution of data and internet services increased as shown in the following graph:




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