USF Project Targets 2 million Zimbos… 250 Base Stations’ Tender Floated


The Universal Services Fund is working on a project that will see about 2 million unconnected Zimbabweans get access to basic telecommunication services which they do not have.

An expression of interest advert was today floated to companies interested in designing, supplying, installing and commissioning a Multi Operator Radio Access Network (MORAN). This project intends to connect these Zimbabweans.

The Universal Services Fund (USF), would like to engage reputable Companies with relevant experience to design, supply, install and commission a Multi Operator Radio Access Network (MORAN) comprising both passive infrastructure and active equipment.

“A network coverage study conducted by POTRAZ in 2016 established that 314 Wards, hosting 354,000 households and a total population of two million people, have no access to basic telecommunication services,” read part of the tender.

The project rolled out to about 250 rural sites will be implemented as a Build Transfer and Operate Public Private Partnership.

“It is against this background that the USF, has decided to rollout the MORAN Project to provide telecommunication services to people living in underserved areas. The project is planned to be implemented as a Build, Transfer and Operate Public Private Partnership Project,” added USF.

USF noted that interested suppliers should provide the required equipment for the project.

“Under this project the USF seeks to construct 250 sites and provide the requisite active equipment (BTS/NodeB/BSC/RNC) including microwave backhaul. Interested suppliers shall present proposals for either the passive component or the active component of the MORAN. Interested suppliers with the capacity to provide both passive and active components of the MORAN may present a combined proposal for the two.

“The MORAN will be shared by three (3) operators who will initially offer 2G and 3G services (GSM900 and UMTS900),” said USF.

Read more on the Expression of Interest here

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