#OutAndAbout: ZimConnect Simplifies Company Registrations


GONE are the days when one would spend more than five days just waiting for a Company name search procedure to be approved. Remember those days when people would stand in meandering queues just to submit a company name and getting it done would either require the corrupt services of an official at the Registrar of Companies and deeds office.

ZimConnect an e-Governance company in Zimbabwe has transformed the face of company registration as it has done away with the traditional cumbersome procedures which used to delay the registration process.

“Now company name search only takes a few minutes, before you even know it, you would have received a notification on your phone giving you the Reference number and the name that would have been reserved for you all within a space of less than an hour,” said an Official at the Register of Companies and deeds office.

A tour around the Deeds office is indicative of times that have changed, the name search room is manned by not more than three officers and a police officer to ensure law is respected and forgeries don’t take place.

The name search process can now be done even in the comfort of your home and after you get the Ref number, you may proceed to make a payment via Ecocash without even setting foot at the deeds office.

After getting notification of a successful company name, one can do the rest with the assistance of officers. Its now taking only five days to complete the whole company registration process.

According to analyst and IT experts, ZimConnect is by far one of Zimbabwe’s most convenient tool when it comes to conducting any e-government service.
ZimConnect is a Ministry of ICT online service that was launched this year to provide people with an online alternative for accessing some State services.

Tari Mudahondo

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