The disruption of postal supply chain, a blessing in disguise: Minister Muswere

Information Communication Technology (ICT), Postal and Courier Services Minister Dr Jenfan Muswere has described the disruption of supply chains which affected the postal network as a blessing in disguise as it helps to come up with lasting solutions to counter the problem.

Speaking during the 2021 Pan African Postal Union (PAPU) Plenipotentiary Conference and the 39th Ordinary Session of the PAPU Administrative Council which kicked off in Victoria Falls, Minister Muswere highlighted that Covid-19 pandemic has put pressure on international postal supply chains which was disrupted and expose the weakest point of the postal services.

“As supply chains have been strongly disrupted worldwide, the weakest links of the postal network have been exposed and that should be taken as a blessing in disguise. This, therefore, calls for us especially the working committees, the Administrative Council included to put our heads together and come up with lasting solutions so that the Post continues to be relevant even after the pandemic,” he said.

He also highlighted that the Universal Postal Union (UPU) which is the umbrella body is working to ensure the the survival of the postal sector.

“The UPU, ladies, and gentlemen, has never left us as PAPU or as individual governments to do it alone. The umbrella body is always working with us to ensure that the Post remains relevant. Our sister country, Ivory Coast, is tipped to become the e-commerce hub for West Africa through the “ecom@africa” project being funded by Universal Postal Union (UPU). It is up to us to initiate such developmental projects in our countries and the UPU will never leave us alone when we meet challenges along the way,” he said.

Minister Muswere further urged postal operators to work together with their respective governments to revolutionise the disrupted postal sector.

“Designated operators working together with respective governments should put more effort into revolutionizing the whole postal sector,” he added.

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