SuperCulture Brings Latest Music, Lifestyles, Trends

DSTV Channel 320 is about to light up with  the introduction of a brand new show on 29 March 2024 at 19.00 called SuperCulture. Channel O Youth over everything!
The show is presented by remarkable South Africa Film and Television Award-winning presenter Tshego Koke and Dimpho Mokgotho a seasoned radio broadcaster, Master of Ceremony, and a voice-over artist.
SuperCulture is produced by a hip-hop pioneer from Skwatta Kamp called Silkour in collaboration with the producers of Implilo piano (Goat) which aired on 1Magic.
The trends plug into entertainment, music, fashion, and news related to youth culture.
The content is important for content creators such as Instagrammers, Youtubers, and TikTokers together with the presenters that will unpack and give audiences a blow-by-blow of what is up in the street culture.
The platform share views and opinions and have a segment for user-generated content shared by viewers.
This is part of the fun and entertainment for half an hour and it might be your post featuring one of the episodes.
Shumirai Nyamadzawo

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