RBZ Engages Homelink On Swipe For ZiG Cash


The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) in a bid to ensure sufficient local currency and ZiG circulation in the economy as necessary to support normal business transactions and economic activities has made an arrangement with Homelink to widen ZiG circulation.

The press statement read, “The bank wishes to advise the public of an arrangement with Homelink to widen access to ZiG leveraging on its existing branch network , the bank will particularly seeks to expand economy wide availability of the small change in the denomination of ZiG1,ZiG 2,ZiG5and ZiG10.

The Bank appeals to all individuals ,commuters, public transport operators, retailers, informal traders and their associations, vendors associations and other key stakeholders which interface with the transacting public to approach their nearest Homelink branch and swipe for swipe for Zig cash using their local currency debit/credit cards with effect from Monday 10 June 2024”.

RBZ added that, “The exchange of foreign currency cash for ZiG can also be made at Homelink branches at the ruling interbank exchange rate and this arrangement with Homelink is part of wider initiatives by the bank to ensure availability of adequate ZiG cash in the economy.

Tari Mudahondo

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