Potraz Penalises Mobile Networks Over Poor Service


THE Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ) says it has penalised mobile network operators owing to poor service delivery which has seen most subscribers losing unimaginable data volumes.

Speaking to TechnoMag on the sidelines of the just ended Harare Agricultural Show, POTRAZ Director for Economic, Tarrifs and Consumer Affairs Mrs   Hilda Mutsweyekwa confirmed the development saying their job was to protect customers as well as regulating the sector and guaranteeing consumer satisfaction. 

“We have acquired quality of service monitoring equipment and we are monitoring the quality of service. Operators are being penalized accordingly. Its already functional and we have penalized some of the operators for not delivering on the targets. We have had this system since a year ago,” she said.

She added that there have been some positive change after penalising the operators.

“Now that we are penalizing them they have been improving. But as you are aware, there are challenges to do with foreign currency which affects their ability to maintain and acquire spare funds for services. But still that’s not a good excuse for poor quality of service,” added Mutseyekwa.

Potraz PR Manager Sibo Muteyiwa

Meanwhile Potraz Public Relations manager Ms Sbonginkosi Muteyiwa said they are obliged to address customer concerns.

“Our job first and foremost is to issue licenses to service providers and operators in telecommunications sector.

“Its also to allocate adequate spectrum to service providers in their business so that they ensure all Zimbabweans access their services regardless of their location and income.  They are some people that actually think communication is only privy to people who have money to access these services. We also ensure there is a level playing filed in the sector.

“There has been a lost of outcry in consumer issues, as POTRAZ we have been going to the people trying to educate the people over issues of service provision.

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