NetOne’s One Money Connects Banks Via ZIPIT, Charging 6 Cents.


NetOne which is currently testing their upcoming mobile money service, 1 Money  (One Money) has connected most Zimbabwean banks which are already on ZIPIT, seeing their new product offering becoming the second mobile money service to connect to the interbank instant money transfer service (ZIPIT). 

The new development makes One Money the most convenient mobile money transacting platform in the country as it becomes easier for any subscriber to instantly move money from one’s bank account to the platform for any payment or account settlement related issues at the least cost to transact.

a customer using a one money debit card

“For any transaction used via our debit card, a customer will be charged a minimum of 6cents for any POS service while the maximum charge permissible will be only 45 cents, hence we have caused serious disruptions to clients who were worried about swiping.” said a NetOne Executive. 

This technically means that most clients can now freely swipe at supermarkets, restaurants and at any Point of Service without being worried about these minimal service fees.

Customers can currently walk into any NetOne shop to collect their 1 Money debit card which is linked to Zimswitch, but they will be charged $3 for the card.

The flexibility to move money one’s bank account to the mobile payment adds convenience and relevance to the One Money as this will make it easy for customers to top up their mobile money account.

What NetOne needs to do is to make sure it signs up many subscribers to its platform so that people can choose their mobile money platform as a preferred method of settling bills or payments between individuals.

Today millions of Zimbabweans are using Ecocash to settle payments and this has become an acceptable mode of payment across all sectors in Zimbabwe.




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