Sasai – A Futuristic App With Massive Potential and Utility Value


The African Market is yet to have  an all in one application that encompasses social, business and mobile payments as an all-in-one, one-stop platform.

When  Sasai  was officially launched, I opined  that the app had serious potential to revolutionize the app world should the developers encompass many other features. And it seems the team behind the app have  been listening and implementing slowly in the background.

The idea behind Sasai, to have all these services available in single place, was  groundbreaking and all it needed  was just aggressive  marketing to trigger continental uptake as an afro -centric application that is solving daily African problems. 


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Advice From an Unlikely Source As Strive Masiyiwa Spoke About Mugabe.


Strive says he was on business in London, when he got a call from a senior Zimbabwe government official. He simply asked him where he was staying, then he asked Strive to wait for him, and he arrived within minutes.

The caller said “The President (Robert Mugabe) wants to see you. He is passing through London. We will pick you up.”

It was not the first time, he had met him, but he had never been summoned to see him on his own.

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TelOne Introduces Unlimited Nightime Data

Internet Service Provider , TelOne has introduced free nighttime data to customers who use their VSAT platform.

The data allocation is being offered to both home and corporate on VSAT packages which is unlimited although speeds will be reduced once a customer exhausts their night time data allocation.

For home customers:

Konnect Home 25 customers get free 150GB night data
Konnect Home 50 customers will get free 300GB night time data
Konnect 100GB customers will get free 300GB data

NetOne Is Lying About Their One Money Figures , Or Registered “Useless Increase”

State owned mobile network operator NetOne is  probably  lying about their  increased One Money  subscribers to Potraz  again or they  have  just  registered useless subscriber  increase.

NetOne  are not  new in this falsifying  of  information  business, they  did it 2018, before Potraz  penalised  them after they  misrepresented growth  figures  on their  mobile  subscribers, during the  “One Fusion hey  days”

According to the  latest Potraz  report, One Money purportedly  gained 82  159 subscribers in the Q4 of 2020 as they stated that  Active subscriptions for mobile money wallet One Money  increased from 854,320 recorded in the Q3 to 936,479 in Q4 of 2020.

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NetOne Appeals “ Academic” Judgement Against Muchenje

NetOne has filed a notice of appeal to the supreme court against a judgement that reinstated Lazarus Muchenje as CEO for the state owned company.

The  appeal  seeks to revers e the recent judgment by Justice Chinamora who had  ruled  that suspended NetOne  CEO, Mr  Lazarus  Muchenje Must  be reinstated rendering  his termination  of  employment  null and  void, with costs.

In what can only be described as a comedy , NetOne spent the whole of last week telling all and sundry that Justice Chinamora’s judgement that reinstated Muchenje was academic and moot and of no effect.

#MondayBlues Basic Interpretation Of The Muchenje landmark Ruling

The ongoing circus at NetOne is far from ending its an ugly pathetic circus  that  needs to be stopped in the  interest of saving a public company funded by  tax payers money.

Unfortunately, the powers  that be are entangled in the  battle of the  stomach.

This ofcourse has been the biggest problem  at NetOne, way before there was even the new ICT  minister Hon Muswere, there were serious problems at NetOne that are not ending.

The same problems that Reward Kangai faced  at NetOne , were faced  by Brian Mutandiro, now Lazarus  Muchenje and even if Muchenje goes, the next  CEO is not safe at NetOne  if we do not deal with the  main problem.


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#MondayBlues: Wither Thy Telecel, Dearth Of Leadership, RIP My Sim Card.

In my last article about Telecel Zimbabwe, my heart bled at the dearth of pragmatic solutions to turn around what used  to be the fastest growing  and  most promising  mobile  network  in Zimbabwe.

Since  Vimplecom pulled out of Telecel Zimbabwe, the company  has been on  a free fall and no one really seems to care!

Telecel  Zimbabwe will soon become  another  National Railways  of Zimbabwe,  another  Zisco steel,  another CSC,  mainly because there is  strong  appetite  to destroy  functional State owned  enterprises and those in charge do not just  care.

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Mutangadura Grounds NetOne As She Fires Top Executives

State  controlled  mobile  network, NetOne is operating  on auto  pilot  after the  board dismissed the  whole executive  committee with  a total of 10 top  management executives ,  after sending the  CEO Lazarus Muchenje packing,  a matter  still pending  at the labor court. 

NetOne board  led by  Susan  Mutangadura  did not renew contracts  for top executives  and managers, who earlier  on announced their  departure from  the mobile network #MondayBlues has learnt.

Sources  close to the developments however  stated that the  senior executives did  not have their contracts renewed but were rather fired via the infamous  three months  notice.

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Mutangadura Grounds NetOne As She Fires Top Executives


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