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#MondayBlues: RBZ Bans Ecocash From Advertising Bank To Wallet Promo!


Last  week Ecocash  woke up to a national apology announcing  that  they have cancelled their Bank to wallet promotion, where 15  cows were up  for grabs,  and  of course as  usual, yours truly was smelling a rat.

Unfortunately most Ecocash fans and  ignorant commentaries  took it to the social  media blaming  Ecocash for failing  to to fulfil their  end  of the promise,  and one would just wonder if Ecocash really failed to deliver the promised cows.

However  sources close  to the  developments have divulged  to TechnoMag that the Bankers Association of Association , (BAZ) has written  to the Reserve Bank Of Zimbabwe,  (RBZ) complaining about the  “huge  cash movements”  into Steward  bank.

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#MondayBlues: RBZ Bans Ecocash From Advertising Bank To Wallet Promo!

The move  is alleged  to have  been sanctioned  by the RBZ,  effectively banning  Ecocash from running such a promotion,  but now here is the irony.

#MondayBlues Netone Interviews for CEO, Outcry Over Transparency

NetOne has started interviews and allegedly completed the process under very shrewd circumstances as they seek replacement for Lazarus Muchenje TechnoMag can reveal.

Sources close to the developments told TechnoMag that a private company Proserve consultancy was contracted for the job and has only favoured the opportunity to only 3 candidates who have already attended the process some weeks ago.

However there has been an outcry over transparency and professionalism over the process as many competent candidates were never invited for the interviews, neither were they responded to their applications.

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#MondayBlues Netone Interviews for CEO, Outcry Over Transparency

Government Empowers Potraz to Install a Monitoring System Across all Mobile Networks.

The Zimbabwean Government has passed Statutory Instrument 94 of 2021 which empowers the Postal and Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe Potraz, to  install a Telecommunications Traffic Monitoring Systems (TTMS) across all mobile networks operators.

According to the Statutory instrument, all mobile networks are effectively demanded to comply with the directive and must not cause any delay otherwise they shall be found guilty or liable of a  crime, less  than level 19, that carries imprisonment term of not more than 6 months .

The system will be physically installed at all mobile  network systems at a layer that gives them the desired results to remotely monitor and access networks traffic.

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Government Empowers Potraz to Install a Monitoring System Across all Mobile Networks.


#MondayBlues: Is Telecel Also Lying About Their Growth?

Telecel Zimbabwe reportedly increased  their  active mobile subscribers!

Really! Is this  true that  we have  1670 new  subscribers  that  have  joined  Telecel  Zimbabwe, making  it 727,094 active  subscribers. What  has  motivated  these  very  few  people to activate and  use to  record  (even very insignificant)  such a  growth.

By Toneo

The only thing positive about telecel is them increasing with a 0,2% growth in active mobile telephone subscriptions in the quarter under review, reaching 727 094  from  725 42 recorded in the 3rd quarter  of 2020.The information needs to be verified that all the mobile operators recorded an increase in active subscriptions.

Last  week, yours truly was not amused by information presented by mobile network operator Netone to Potraz.This report must  be fool proof and fact  checked as it gives  the  sector  its  direction and  trajectory.

#MondayBlues: Is Telecel Also Lying About Their Growth?

Dark Fibre Africa New IAP Sees Opportunity In Zimbabwe.

A newly licenced Internet  Access  Provider, (IAP)  Dark Fibre  Africa, (DFA)  has  said that they still see  vast  opportunities in Africa and Zimbabwe as  well.

While  many  may have argued that  the Zimbabwean market is already saturated  and no longer profitable as most  urban consumers have already been connected, DFA  feels otherwise.

Remgro-owned Dark Fibre Africa (DFA) says it still sees opportunity in its niche, driven by higher demand for internet services during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The DFA is a wholesale, open-access fibre infrastructure and connectivity provider in SA. It forms part of Remgro’s telecommunications investments, through Community Investment Ventures Holdings (CIVH), which owns businesses including fibre-to-the-home company Vumatel

Telecel Zimbabwe Records $8 million loss.

Telecel Zimbabwe, the third largest mobile network in Zimbabwe has not found it as a walk in the park lately since January 2021 financial Perfomance.

The company  that  has been  suffering brain drain, lack of investment  and struggling to strategies way  out  of the doldrums has been singing the blues with their financials heading  south.

The  recent  financials gleaned  by  TechnoMag  reflect a major drop, with  ballooning costs and expenditures galloping  their dwindling revenues.

Telecel   Zimbabwe recorded a loss of $8 195 from  a gross profit  of $44  446 million which  was destroyed  by  total operational costs of $52  641 million.

The once  mobile giant has been licking their wounds like a wounded lion that has had its domain taken over by a more powerful king in this case the likes of Econet who have been dominating year in year out despite their exorbitant charges and worse even the troubled Netone entangled in mishaps over CEO Lazarus Muchenje have even fared better than Telecel Zimbabwe.

Telecel seemingly has suffered a shortage of common sense to turn it around with no pragmatic solutions and what used to be the fastest growing and most promising mobile network in Zimbabwe is now a shadow of its formerself.

Since Vimplecom pulled out of Telecel Zimbabwe, the company has been on a free fall and no one really seems to care!


Actual gross margin was 65 % whose budget was 66 % with a 0% variance whilst actual total operational cost was 52 641 budgeted at 73 336 and a variance of 20 695.

Telecel Zimbabwe will soon become another National Railways of Zimbabwe, another Zisco steel, another CSC, mainly because there is strong appetite to destroy functional State owned enterprises and those in charge do not just care.


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