NetOne Drives Economic Growth


NetOne Drives Economic Growth
By Ross Moyo
NetOne’s road shows across high-traffic areas in Bulawayo, coinciding with the recently held Zimbabwe International Trade Fair, represent a significant step towards enhancing connectivity and driving economic growth. By bridging the digital divide, empowering local businesses, strengthening education, and fortifying communication networks, NetOne is actively fostering a more inclusive and connected society. The concurrent occurrence of these road shows with ZITF amplifies business opportunities, showcases technological advancements, and accelerates economic development.

Together, these initiatives are paving the way for a brighter digital future for the people of Bulawayo and Zimbabwe as a whole.

NetOne explained to TechnoMag some of the reasons they are edifying economic growth,

“1. Showcasing Technological Advancements: NetOne’s road shows during ZITF offer an opportunity to showcase the latest technological advancements in the telecommunications sector. Visitors to ZITF can witness firsthand the cutting-edge solutions and services offered by NetOne, fostering technological awareness and encouraging the adoption of innovative solutions within the community.

2. Economic Growth: The synergy between NetOne’s road shows and ZITF contributes to the economic growth of Bulawayo city. Increased connectivity and business opportunities generated by the events stimulate productivity, attract investment, and create employment opportunities. This positive economic impact benefits both the local community and the broader region.”

Ross Moyo

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