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Mask Adds Audio, Video Call Features On X


Elon Musk launched the audio and video calling feature last week and this new feature is switched on by default, it leaks one’s IP Address to anyone they talk with and it’s incredibly confusing to figure out how to limit who can call you.

In a post on Wednesday on X’s Official News account announced the new feature, ”audio and video calling are now available to everyone on X! Who are you calling first ?”

This new feature ”Audio and Video” calling is now available on iOS and all accounts can make and receive calls. This feature is located inside the Messages part of the X app where a phone icon now appears in the top right-hand corner.

In its official help centre, X further said that ”Enhanced call privacy is a new setting on X that helps protect your privacy. With this setting enabled, your IP address will be hidden from people you can call and receive calls from.

If both parties to a call have this setting disabled (which is by default), once our servers facilitate the initial setup, the call itself is routed peer to peer such that each party’s IP address may be visible to the other”

If either party have this setting enabled, a call between the two will be relayed through X infrastructure and the IP address of any party that has this setting enabled will be masked.

Sheltryn Parangira

Mask Adds Audio, Video Call Features On X

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Mask Adds Audio, Video Call Features On X

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