Magaya Tours TelOne Data Center.

PHD leader, Prophet Walter Magaya this afternoon met Hon Supa Mandiwanzira Before  touring  the high capacity TelOne data centre, as he looks towards hosting his newly availed social media application, Lets Chat, on their servers.

The major purpose was to familiarize and understand the TelOne server system they deployed, after their trial system crushed on 122 000 downloads, upon launching the application.

“We now need to look forward delivering the solution with a more robust, safe and reliable platform with TelOne, hence we are familiarizing with their data centre towards the hosting of the multi social media solution.”

Said Magaya.

Speaking to TelOne MD Chipo Mtasa said they are yet to assess how much they will bill PHD towards the solution as they are yet to receive the technical requirements they need but was confident their scalable centre would deliver enough throughput for the service.

Magaya said the system is resource heavy as it supports many other services including instant video calls with 10 people simultaneously while allowing large files to be sent across , hence the need of a bigger hosting system.

TelOne MD Chipo Mtasa explains data centre functions to Prophet Magaya

The move is a smart one, as they host local traffic and content locally, unlike 90% of Zimbabwean based online platforms, that host all their content on international servers, wasting bandwidth and resources to call local traffic.

This move should jumpstart TelOne hosting platform as a service provision of choice to hosting Zimbabwean based content locally, while it can still be accessed remotely by anyone.

This move if implemented at large scale will make bandwidth resource allocation cheaper and faster as such content can be called locally, costing between nothing to insignificant figures for both local content producers and hosting server companies.

Millions of viewership and traffic today goes to Youtube as a preferred hosting and marketing platform, while the emergence of mass local hosting in Zimbabwe has not bared any fruits to local data players, who ate importing the same content created locally.

TelOne has a national challenge and obligation to educate and promote local data infrastructure usage, while they not only need empty servers, but must create platform (SAAS and PAAS) s that deliver same solutions as an alternate to Youtube, and Google .

Magaya becomes one of the few large corporates hosting their server at TelOne , as they also host other huge corpora yes for their critical back up and resource allocation.


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