Magaya Meets Mandiwanzira Over Fake News, Lets Chat

Prophetic Healing and Deliverance founder, Prophet Walter Magaya this afternoon paid the ICT and Cyber Security minister a visit to his offices to avail his Lets chat solution against fake news.

Addressing journalists today at a meeting held in the minister’s office, PHD founder Prophet Magaya said fake news has become a serious national problem with many victims, hence he created a technological solution to address the problem.

By @Toneo1st T Rutsito

“many times Zimbabweans fall victims to fake news doing rounds and we have come up with a solution called ‘lets chat’, which will help us eradicate the problem in our community.

The system, which is a social network platform will have a flag out button to identify fake news and a comment section from the administrator that helps warn the public on any trending fake news”.

It was however not clear what systems they will be using to tag or identify fake news as they introduce their platform.

Responding to questions from TechnoMag on confidentiality, privacy and security, Prophet Magaya said they will need to put their integrity first, and will not be gathering data for any other purposes while the system will be using encryption technology to make sure that there is no prying into any communication.

You may Download the Lets Chat android Mobile Application Here

Lets Chat Mobile Application

Prophet Magaya said the platform was not meant for PHD followers alone but was open to all Zimbabweans to Chat and has added features that allow multi video calling and conferencing amongst others.

Magaya said the solution was officially launched during their all night cross over where 122 000 downloads were registered, leading to their system crashing down the server, hence they need a stronger, resilient one.

Magaya met Mandiwanzira to discuss the technological opportunity and hosting the Lets chat system over the TelOne data center servers as they grow the product.

Minister Mandiwanzira said such developments were in line with the government’s vision to promote local solutions that solve our day to day problems, while they create an environment as the government that fosters the growth of such solutions.

“We support what PHD is doing in ICTs , they will be looking into hosting their application at TelOne data centre, their usage of the data centre will add more revenue to TelOne, and this is the direction we need to grow our economy.”

The ICT and Cyber Security minister also added his voice towards the imminent launch of the ICT Innovation drive, a funding scheme under Potraz which will avail capital and support to young entrepreneurs creating technological solutions in Zimbabwe.


Magaya Tours TelOne Data Center.

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