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Madziwa Embraces Digital Age With CICs and Computer Labs


The Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ) has joined the world in commemorating the World Telecoms and Information Society Day in Madziwa.

Speaking during the event, POTRAZ director general Dr. Gift Machengete stated the importance of Computer Information Centers (CICs) in accelerating economic growth.

“These centers serve not only as hubs of information and knowledge but also as catalysts for economic growth and community empowerment. By equipping individuals with digital skills and access to information, we enable them to participate fully in the digital economy and seize the opportunities it offers.”, he said

Machengete further said that digital innovation has a transformative impact in Madziwa, bringing digital transformation to the community through computer labs and community information centers.

“The transformative impact of digital innovation through the initiatives undertaken by the POTRAZ and the Ministry of ICT. The establishment of Community Information Centers (CICs) and computer laboratories has brought digital transformation to our doorstep, providing access to digital resources, training programs, and connectivity.”

POTRAZ has been on a nationwide campaign to bridge the digital divide by establishing Community Information Centers to enhance access to ICT.








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