Jeff Bezos reclaims the world richest title


Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has regained the title as the world richest person after Tesla CEO Elon Musk slipped from the top spot on the Bloomberg Billionaire Index list.

Bezos is now $190 billion compared to Musk who is $170 billion worth

His worth is said to have skyrocketed due to increase in customer focusing on shopping online while at home due to Covid 19.

Furthermore, the personal wealth of Bezos which is largely in Amazon stock has skyrocketed along with the share price of the company in the recent years

The net revenues for his company has soared 44 percent to $124.6 billion for the quarter of 2020

Among the world’s top five richest people include Jeff Bezos at $190 billion, , Elon Musk with $173 billion.
French luxury brand owner Bernard Arnault is ranked third with $157.9 billion
While $123.9 billion, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is ranked fourth.
Also, Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook CEO, ranking fifth with over $100 billion

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