ICT Minister urges ZIMPOST to fully adopt digital strategies


The Minister of Information Communication Technology and Courier Services Jenfan Muswere has urged the country’s postal and communication service provider, ZIMPOST, to adopt electronic ways of service provision to enhance business.

Muswere made the remarks during a Zimpost Strategic Planning Workshop on Wednesday.

“My Ministry wants Zimpost to adopt the e-Post concept in totality and have it dominate its day to day delivery of products and services in Zimbabwe.”

“The E-Post must be seen in e-Commerce which must drive Zimpost to become the “Amazon” of Zimbabwe.”

He added that Zimpost should provide seamless access to e-government services where citizens conveniently access services without necessarily having to travel to cities or towns.

The ICT Minister stated that Zimpost should be conevinet, will providing digital services 24/7 taking into consideration effects of the global pandemic COVID19.

“The lessons learnt from the Covid-19 pandemic are that Zimpost, like other companies, must ensure that its services are accessible 24/7 in order to meet social distancing and ease of transacting virtual protocols.”

” At the Community Information Centres, Zimpost must ensure that the digital divide is narrowed through marketing of the various e-enabled services in the post office’s locality. In that regard Zimpost must develop a clear business plan that will ensure sustainable operation of Community Information Centres, he said.

Over the past few years Zimpost has been loosing relevance due to the emergence of new technologies.

While people now send instant messages via social media platforms like WhatsApp the postal entity has been employing measures to stay relevant.

In July this year Zimpost introduced a mall service as part of its information communication technology (ICT) strategy and remaining relevant in the digital era.

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