MDC-A urges ZINARA To Use Tap Cards To Avoid TO Avoid Congestion

MDC Alliance has urged the Zimbabwe National Road Administration (ZINARA) to facilitate tollgate tap cards to avoid long queues as congestion has become order of the day at many tollgates.

In a statement, MDC- A said road users are subjected to almost an hour long delay due to network challenges especially for those using electronic ways of paying tollgate and also change problem for those using foreign currency.

“ Road users are subjected to almost an hour-long delay at any tollgate in Zimbabwe as the billing system is either not connected to the network (for those intending to use electronic payment systems) or the cashiers have no change for the USD bills in a country where 1 USD bills are sold at a premium on the streets.”

ZINARA has further urged to popularize its pre-paid tolling system as well as tap cards which they only sell in limited numbers at their offices.

“Surprisingly, ZINARA has a pre-paid tolling system that unfortunately has not been popularised by the Road Agency for the convenience of road users.

“Currently, the tap card is available at ZINARA offices only and at tollgates but is in short supply.

“ZINARA must distribute these cards widely and make use of retail shops, fuel stations and even hotels and restaurants to improve uptake of the tap card facility.”

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