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DStv To Continue Offering Different Bouquets


MultiChoice Zimbabwe will continue to offer viewers different bouquets to enhance family TV viewing as the summer season comes to an end.

This is the season characterized by families focusing on television viewing in the cooler months of the year and the delights of families getting together in the warmth and coziness of home venues to share on-screen highlights.

Family TV viewing is enhanced by the range of options available on the DStv platform, which is differentiated by packages known as bouquets that are created to provide meaningful viewing experiences related to budget capacities.

MultiChoice Zimbabwe Head of Corporate Affairs and Public Relations, Charity Njanji said Zimbabwe explained why these different bouquets were on offer, rather than a single bouquet.
“Recognition must be given that across the community there are different budget capacities and different viewing needs, so the DStv experience is offered to Zimbabwean viewers with six principal bouquets: Premium, Compact Plus, Compact, Family, Access and Lite, the latter exclusive to viewers in the Zimbabwean market,” she said.

“Each offers a range of channels that provide variety and choice.”

Two of the bouquets are becoming increasingly popular in the Zimbabwean market: DStv Family and DStv Access. These have been developed to ensure that members of the family can each find a selection suited to specific interests, needs and aspirational pursuits and each bouquet rests on the basic platform of information, education and entertainment, with specific needs such as age and gender catered for.
They are available at different and each is designed to give viewers value for money.
All DStv platforms are made up of the premier viewing focus, which is a range of television channels that are local, regional and international in nature, as well as the audio channels, made up of a wide range of music channels and local, regional and international radio stations. The audio channels are popular for use as background music and listening sources, especially for people who are working on manual activities while listening.

Access offers over 55 TV channels, of which 10 are high-definition sources, while Family offers more than 60 TV channels, and both offer a selection of audio channels commensurate with the value offered.

“It’s always important to make sure bouquets offer variety and that is the foundation of the DStv pay-tv service. Feedback has shown us that the balance of programming offered on these bouquets is well received by viewers, with content ranging from news, education, children’s programming, sport, entertainment and films,” said Njanji.

“Also, we have introduced a special decoder discount price until the end of March to ensure that Zimbabwean viewers have ready access to the exciting content on DStv, something we regard as a pre-Easter bonus for existing and new viewers.”

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