Africom to Hold Gaming Contest

Gaming enthusiasts are in for a great treat as converged telecommunications services provider Africom is set to host a competition on August 19 at  Long Chen Plaza.

Speaking to TechnoMag, the organiser of the gaming challenge Beauty Kamoyo said at the gaming tourney challengers will play trending games such as Tekken, Mortal Kombat and FIFA among others. 

“We are hosting a gaming tournament on the 19th on Saturday. The games we are including on the tournament are FIFA, Mortal Kombat, Tekken, the popular games,” she said.

On the fun-filled day, several prizes are up for grabs with participants after parting with $5 getting free Africom lines.

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The company’s marketing manager Tsitsi Mombeshora explained that the tourney will pave way for a gaming package they intend to unleash for their customers.

“There are quite a number of factors why we are venturing into the gaming industry. What we want to do is later on we want to create a gaming package.

“You’ve seen that most gamers are now playing games online so we would like to be the first telecoms company to create a gaming package that can accommodate games with high speeds because when you are online you need those high speeds,” she said.

She added that their gaming ambitions were inspired by the youth.

“We have seen that our clientele is mainly…there is a certain generation that we cater for not the young generation. So we would like to cater for the young generation by creating awareness as a telecoms company that we are there. There are things that we can do for them,” she added.

As the company enters the gaming mode, the other organiser Lerato Zimvumi said Africom is looking forward to create game branded in their name.

“Later on in the future, we would like to create an Africom game which would be found in our retail shops where you can play our games online maybe after reaching stage 10 you win a prize,” he said.

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